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Hey surf friends! If you’re on the hunt for awesome longboard fins, Rider Shack is the place to be. We’ve got a great selection of fins from Rainbow Fin Company (RFC), known for their top quality and great performance. No matter if you’re just starting out with longboarding or you’re already riding waves like a pro, RFC fins can really boost your surfing.

Classic Longboarding Style

Longboarding is all about smooth style and having fun on the waves. Our RFC longboard fins are perfect for this. They’re made carefully to help you control your board better and make smooth turns.

Single Fins for Great Control

If you like a simple setup, check out our RFC single fins. They’re awesome for any surfer who wants to cruise easily and have good control. These fins let you move fast and steady, whether you’re just going straight or doing cool moves.

Why Rainbow Fin Company?

We’re proud to carry Rainbow Fin Company fins at Rider Shack. RFC is really trusted in the surfing world for quality, made in the USA surfboard fins. They have fins that will suit both your need and style.

Why Get Your RFC Fins from Rider Shack?

Choosing Rider Shack for your RFC fins means you’re getting more than just fins. You’re getting help from a team that loves surfing as much as you do.

We Give Great Advice

Need help picking out your fins? Our team knows all about them and can help you choose the best fins for how you surf and your surfboard.

Conclusion: Find Your Perfect Fins at Rider Shack

Come by Rider Shack to see our selection of Rainbow Fin Company (RFC) surfboard fins. We’ve got longboard fins and single fins ready for you to check out. With our help, you’re sure to find the perfect fins that’ll make your next surf session the best one yet. Swing by, get your new RFC fins, and have a blast surfing!

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