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What Makes Pyzel Surfboards Special?

Hey there! Are you looking for an amazing surfboard that can really take your surfing to the next level? You’ve got to check out our Pyzel surfboards at Rider Shack! Pyzel surfboards are known for their exceptional quality and design, especially since they're the choice brand of surfing superstar John John Florence, also known as JJF.

Why Choose a Pyzel Surfboard?

Picking a Pyzel surfboard from our collection means you're gearing up with some of the best gear in the surf world. Here’s why Pyzel stands out:

  • Top Performance: Pyzel surfboards are designed to enhance your performance, whether you're charging big waves or cruising on smaller swells.
  • JJF Approved: With designs tested and approved by John John Florence, you’re riding boards built for champions.
  • Innovative Designs: Each board is crafted with precision and care to meet the needs of all types of surfers.

How to Buy Pyzel Surfboards at Rider Shack

Explore Our Pyzel Models

We’re stoked to offer a wide selection of Pyzel surfboards. Here's a look at some of the models you can find at Rider Shack:

  • Pyzel Ghost: Known for its prowess in fast, hollow surf, this high-performance shortboard is perfect as a step-up board.
  • Pyzel Red Tiger: A versatile everyday shortboard that handles a wide range of conditions.
  • Pyzel Phantom: A full-volume shortboard that excels in small to average surf, making it a superb choice for everyday riding.
  • Pyzel Shadow: An all-around great shortboard that can tackle just about any wave.
  • Pyzel White Tiger: A stubby shortboard designed specifically for small surf, perfect for having fun on those not-so-perfect days.
  • Pyzel Precious: An 80's style shortboard with a step deck, giving it a unique feel and responsiveness in the water.

Choosing the Right Pyzel Model

To pick the perfect Pyzel surfboard, consider these tips:

  1. Your Surfing Style: Think about how you like to surf. Do you enjoy big, challenging waves, or are you more about having fun in smaller surf?
  2. Your Experience Level: Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already ripping up the waves, we have a Pyzel that will suit your skill level.
  3. Wave Conditions: Consider the typical conditions at your favorite surf spots. Some Pyzel boards are designed for specific types of waves.

Why Buy Pyzel Surfboards from Rider Shack?

Your Go-To Surf Experts

Here’s why Rider Shack is the best place to get your next Pyzel surfboard:

  • Expert Advice: Our team is super knowledgeable about Pyzel surfboards and ready to help you choose your perfect match.
  • Wide Selection: From the Ghost to the Precious, we carry a variety of Pyzel models to suit any surfer’s needs.
  • Passionate Service: We love surfing just as much as you do and are committed to helping you find the best board.


If you’re excited about buying a Pyzel surfboard, come visit us at Rider Shack. We have an awesome range of Pyzel surfboards, including favorites like the Phantom and the Red Tiger, designed for surfers who demand the best. Our friendly team is here to help you choose the perfect board so you can enjoy every wave to its fullest. Stop by today and see how a Pyzel can elevate your surfing game!

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