Foam Surfboards

Discover the Fun of Surfboard Soft Tops at Rider Shack

What is a Foamie Surfboard?

Hello, future surfers! Ready to start your surfing adventure? You’ll love our collection of foamie surfboards, also known as surfboard soft tops. These boards are fantastic because they're covered with a soft foam deck, making them the safest choice for anyone just getting into surfing.

Why Start with a Foam Deck Surfboard?

Choosing a foamie surfboard from Rider Shack has some great benefits, especially for beginner surfers:

  • Safety First: With a foam deck, these boards are less likely to cause injuries. That means you can wipe out and not worry too much about bumps or bruises.
  • Perfect for Beginners: Foamie surfboards are super stable and easy to balance on, making them ideal for beginner surfers who are learning to catch waves.
  • Durable and Tough: Our boards, including popular brands like Wave Storm and Storm Blade, are built to withstand lots of use, so they last longer even if you surf every day.

How to Choose Your Foamie Surfboard at Rider Shack

Key Considerations

When you’re ready to pick out a foamie surfboard at Rider Shack, keep these tips in mind:

  • Board Size and Shape: We have a variety of shapes and sizes. The right size for you depends on how tall you are and how you like to surf.
  • Quality of Materials: We only carry foamie surfboards with high-quality foam decks, ensuring they’re both safe and long-lasting.

Simple Steps to Find Your Foam Surfboard

To find your perfect foamie surfboard at Rider Shack, just do this:

  1. Define Your Surfing Goals: Are you looking to have fun in small waves, or do you want to practice becoming a better surfer? Tell us your goals, and we'll match you with the right board.
  2. Speak with Our Experts: Our team is passionate about surfing and loves helping every customer. We're here to answer all your questions.
  3. Try Different Boards: If possible, test out a few boards. Feeling the board under your feet is the best way to know it's the right one for you.

Why Shop for Your Foamie Surfboard at Rider Shack?

Why Shop for Your Foamie Surfboard at Rider Shack?

Here’s why Rider Shack is the best place to buy your foamie surfboard:

  • Expert Guidance: Our experts know all about foamie and soft top surfboards and can guide you to the best soft top surfboard.
  • Variety of Boards: We offer a wide range of boards, including Catch Surf models and foam board surfboards, that are great for wave catching.
  • Dedication to Surfers: We want every surfer, especially beginners, to leave our shop feeling confident and excited about surfing.


If you’re excited about learning to surf and want a board that’s safe, fun, and easy to use, check out the foamie surfboards at Rider Shack. We’re known for having the best soft top surfboard selection in town. Whether you’re looking for a foam board surfboard or a more advanced surfboard, we’re here to help you catch your first waves with confidence. Come find your new favorite wave catcher and let the adventures begin!

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