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Whether you are visiting Los Angeles or already live here, learning to surf is a great activity to add to your list. Surfing is a great form of exercise and an excellent social outlet. RIDER SHACK Surf Shop can provide you with the necessary equipment to get you started, we rent both surfboards and wetsuits. If you are totally new to the sport we highly suggest taking a surf lesson. RIDER SHACK works with some great surf instructors. Below is a list of some of our favorites.

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Surf Camps & After School Surf Programs

Freedom Surf Camps are all about introducing your kid/s to the truly amazing feeling of surfing, developing a healthy life style, and becoming primed on ocean safety. We have a variety of options and locations around Los Angeles, teaching on famous beaches, like Venice/Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, and Malibu.

Freedom Surf Camps takes place all summer and on school holidays, and works with everyone from first-timers and beginners to next-level competitive surfers, and even offers a junior instructor program for the next generation surf leaders.

Freedom After School Program is a commitment to kids who would like to explore their new passion as surfers.

Surfing is more than an activity, it’s a way of life, which is why many kids who finish surf camp want to explore the Freedom Surf Team option. Freedom is fully committed to fulfilling your child’s dream of becoming a surfer. As a leading surf school, Freedom developed this comprehensive program to build a new generation of surfers who are self-empowered, connected to the environment, and challenging next-level surfing.

Venice Beach/Santa Monica

Our flagship camp and most experienced with all ages. The first thing you will see when you arrive at the Venice/Santa Monica camp is Owner/Director Gilad Lewandovski, AKA the Man with the Red Hat. After a short introduction to the crew, your child will start the day with a fun kid-orientated yoga session, followed by a safety talk and information about the camp day and daily schedule. The Venice/Santa Monica location is all sand bottom beach break, which is perfect for learning or training in surfing, boogie boarding, body surfing, and ocean safety for swimming and diving. The camp offers shade with canopies and usually Hawaiian Aloha music on the breaks.

Manhattan Beach

Freedom at Manhattan Beach could not be more local! Learning with our born and raised South Bay crew, your children will find themselves right at home with homies who probably went to the same school and know their teachers. Surfers gather in the morning to meet the weekly instructors for a safety talk. Manhattan Beach quality waves are our go-to Freedom Surf Squad summer spot, where a variety of young surfers—from first-timers to advanced surfers—gather to enjoy the conditions. You will find more teen surfers here compared to our Venice/Santa Monica location, though young kids at this location can enjoy a more advanced and smaller camp as well as a tight connection with Freedom instructors.


Private Surf Instruction

Join Zach on the shores of experience, where the thrill of surfing meets expert guidance. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to refine your skills, let Zach be your mentor on the journey to mastering the waves!

Meet Zach, a seasoned surf instructor with over two decades of experience. Hailing from Venice Beach, CA, Zach's love for surfing began early, shaping his journey from local waves to international shores. Zach's path to becoming an instructor was started after spending 4 years pedaling his bike from LA all the way to China. He funded his travels along the way by teaching snowboarding and English. On top of Zach's international experiences he is an accomplished sailor which enables him to combine his technical expertise with a deep connection to wind and sea. He has guided hundreds of new surfers to catch their first wave and elevate their skills.

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Zach Manpearl

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