Longboard Surfboards

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What is a Longboard Surfboard?

Hey there! Have you ever seen those incredibly long surfboards at the beach? Those are called longboard surfboards, and we've got them right here at Rider Shack! Longboard surfboards, or long board surf as some people call them, are usually over 8 feet long. They're great for cruising on the waves and are super stable, which makes them perfect for beginners or anyone who loves a smooth, relaxed ride.

Why Choose a Longboard Surfboard?

Choosing a longboard surfboard from Rider Shack is a fantastic choice, especially if you’re looking for a chill surf experience. Here’s why you might love riding a longboard:

  • Stability: Longboards are the best for staying stable on the waves. This makes them awesome for beginners.
  • Easy to Learn On: Thanks to their size, longboards are great for learning how to surf because they catch waves easily.
  • Fun in Small Waves: You don't need big waves to have fun on a longboard. They work great even when the waves are small and mellow.

How to Buy a Longboard Surfboard at Rider Shack

How to Buy a Longboard Surfboard at Rider Shack

When you’re looking for a longboard surfboard for sale at Rider Shack, here are some things you should think about:

  • Length and Width: The size of the longboard will affect how it handles in the water. We’ll help you choose the right length and width based on your height and surfing style.
  • Skill Level: Longboards are great for all skill levels, but we can help you pick one that’s just right for where you're at in your surfing journey.

Easy Steps to Find Your Perfect Longboard

  1. Decide What You Want from Your Surfing: Think about whether you want to ride small waves casually or if you're planning to learn new tricks.
  2. Chat With Us: Our team is super friendly and knowledgeable. We love talking about surfboards and can give you the best advice.
  3. Try a Few Out: If possible, test out a few longboards. It’s a great way to feel which one fits you best before you buy.

Why Buy Your Longboard Surfboard from Rider Shack?

Buying a longboard surfboard from Rider Shack means you're not just getting a board; you're getting the whole experience:

  • Expert Advice: We're passionate about surfing and can guide you to the perfect longboard surf board.
  • Huge Selection: With a variety of longboard surfboards for sale, you’re sure to find one that catches your eye.
  • Customer First: We want you to love surfing as much as we do, so we'll make sure you leave happy and excited to hit the waves.


Looking for a longboard surfboard? Come check us out at Rider Shack! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, we have the best longboard surfboards ready for you. Our friendly team is here to help you choose your ideal board so you can enjoy every wave to the fullest. Drop by and let’s find you the perfect longboard surfboard for sale today!

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