Torq Surfboards? Haven't heard of them? It's time you meet the ultimate hybrid surfboard. We know, "hybrid" is a loaded term when it comes to surfboards.

As surfers, we're always on the lookout for that eternally elusive perfect board, the one that does everything—paddles with ease, duck-dives, turns on a dime, and catches waves in conditions ranging from ankle-high to double overhead. While that dream board may not exist (...yet), Torq's extensive lineup of surfboards features shapes and templates that come pretty close!

Whether you're a beginner surfer looking to transition from a soft top surfboard to something shorter, or a veteran shredder looking for some extra paddle power in less-than-ideal conditions, Torq has a board for you.

Torq Epoxy Technology

Plenty of industry heavyweights like Lost Surfboards, Channel Islands, and Firewire have begun integrating various types of epoxy technology into their surfboard lineups. That said, most boards on the epoxy surfboard market will cost you a pretty penny, often ranging from $700 to $1,000 or more. Though, unlike those brands, Torq Epoxy Technology (TET) combines revolutionary epoxy technology with unprecedented affordability. Their boards use advanced molds, are precision CNC cut, and are constructed using a lightweight EPS core, biaxial fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, and a unique Shield Skin resulting in surfboards that offer unparalleled durability, flex, and responsiveness—many of which are available for under $500 with fins! Here’s a breakdown of our favorite Torq models:

Transition Boards

Sure, a soft top is a great way to get into surfing, but there comes a time when chunky foam rails and rubber fins hinder your progression rather than help it. The following Torq models are great options that blend strength and performance, stability, and paddle-ability making them ideal transition surfboards:

Torq Mod Fun Pinline Surfboard

The Mod Fun Pinline is a versatile mid-length shape that combines extreme paddle-power, float, and stability into a pinched performance template. The Mod Fun surfboard features medium-entry nose rocker, a flat mid-section, and low-exit tail rocker, making it easy to catch steeper waves without nose diving. The board's pulled-in tail provides stability in hollow conditions while flat-to-vee bottom contours offer speed to ensure you make those fast sections. The Pinline is offered with a Future Fins thruster (tri-fin) fin box setup and comes in a range of sizes and colorways including: 7'2, 7'6, and 8'0. Browse Torq’s full line of funboards here!

Torq Mod Fish Surfboard & Torq Tec Fish Surfboard

You've definitely met this surfer before, or maybe you are this surfer—the one who learned on a massive longboard and is dead set on transitioning to a fish surfboard. The problem with that mentality is that not all fish surfboards are created equal. Some are designed for high performance ripping in heavy conditions while others are built to make the mushy days at First Point more bearable.

The Torq Mod Fish template strikes a balance allowing for racy performance and leisurely cruising, and features a 5-fin Future Fins set-up offering both thruster and quad options. This wide-tail fish has a single-to-double-vee bottom concave, medium-entry nose rocker, a flat mid-section, and a low-exit rocker.
The Torq Tec Fish is the fastest fish in Torq's Tec line. This board is ideal for generating down-the-line speed, drawing long arcs, and turning average surf into an awesome session. The Tec Fish features low-entry and exit rocker complimented by a wide nose and swallow tail allowing for fluid gliding, carving, and maneuverability. Check out Torq’s complete selection of Fish boards here!

Performance Board

Torq X Channel Islands Collaboration X-Lite Pod ModExperience Channel Islands' famous Pod Mod template in Torq's X-Lite epoxy technology. Torq's X-Lite technology was developed with performance in mind. X-Lite construction lighter, stronger, and more eco-friendly than a traditional PU board and features a 50% lighter Shield Skin making X-Lite surfboards even lighter than Torq's standard epoxy boards. The Channel Islands-licensed X-Lite Pod Mod boasts a deck constructed with an Impact Mesh layer that provides added strength and ding resistance. Air reverses, massive turns, and stylish floaters are all par for the course with this high-performance Torq model. Check out more Torq performance shortboards here!

LongboardTorq TET Pineline Longboard

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