Why You Need a Surfboard Bag and How to Choose the Right One

Photo by Mohsen Ben Cheikh on Unsplash

Do I really need a board bag? This question has been muttered in surf shops, debated online, and truthfully, has an easy answer—yes.

We get it, you've already spent exorbitant amounts of cash on a fresh surfboard, stomp pad, leash, fins, and wetsuit. That said, when it comes to surfing, your board is arguably your most important investment and is certainly worth protecting.

Dinging your board in the water while surfing is one thing, but there's no worse feeling than watching your surfboard meet its (completely preventable) demise on land. Surfboard travel bags come in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. The three most common types of board bags are: Day bags, travel bags, board socks, and coffin surfboard bags.

Types of Surfboard Bags Pros Cons Uses
Surfboard Socks AffordableEasy storageLight-weightStretchyLarge variety of prints Minimal protectionThin, non-padded materialDifficult to removeSticks to wax Home storageLayer of protection inside larger travel bagLight transport
Day Bags Light-medium padded protectionFits one boardRegulates temperatureZips shutShoulder strap/handle for easy carrying Light paddingSome do not have interior or exterior pockets   Beach tripsWeekend tripsHome storageSkating/biking to beachLocal transport  
Travel Bags Medium-heavy padded protectionFits multiple boardsHigh-quality metal zippersBoard dividersAdditional padding on nose, tail, and railsSome have wheelsTemperature regulationReduces risk of handling damage ExpensiveBulky/heavyOversize airline luggageDifficult to use with glass-on fin boards     International travelHome/warehouse storageRoad trips  
Coffin Surfboard Bag Maximum protectionFits multiple boardsEasy wheeled transportNearly eliminates risk of handling damage Very expensiveBulky and heavyDifficult to storeCostly to travel with International plane, boat, or car travel  

Why Buy a Surfboard Bag?

  • Protects against:
    • Cracks
    • Dents
    • Sun damage
    • Delamination
    • Yellowing
    • Fading
    • Scratches
  • Easily and safely transport multiple boards
  • Provides safe and padded storage

Tips on Buying a Surfboard Bag

  1. When buying a multiple-board travel bag, choose one that fits the largest board you plan to pack. (Ex: If you have a 7’0 mid-length, a 6’3 step-up, and a 5’4 fish, grab a 7’0 travel bag.You can always pad and pack the smaller boards using foam pool straws, bubble wrap, and t-shirts to fill any empty space.)
  2. Make sure your surfboards fit inside the bag with fins on and off.
  3. Ensure that the bag you choose has ample padding in the nose, tail, and rails.
  4. Choose a surfboard bag that fits the shape of your board. This seems obvious but a fish will often not fit into a shortboard day bag due to its width. Measure your board(s) before making a decision on a bag.
  5. If you can, invest in a higher-quality bag. Cheaper surfboard bags often deteriorate much quicker and provide far less protection to your board. Broken zippers, light padding, and split seams will likely have you wishing you’d splurged at the outset instead of having to purchase another board bag months later.

Our Favorite Board Socks

  1. Creatures of Leisure Fish Navajo Surfboard Sock
  2. FCS Travel Stretch Shortboard Board Sock
  3. Creatures of Leisure Shortboard Navajo Sock

Our Favorite Surfboard Day Bags

  1. Creatures of Leisure Shortboard Day Use Board Bag
  2. Channel Islands Feather Light Specialty Surfboard Bag
  3. Block Surf Fish Surfboard Bag
  4. Block Surf Day Longboard Surfboard Bag
  5. Ocean & Earth Aircon Shortboard Surfboard Bag
  6. Dakine Daylight Thruster Surfboard Bag

Our Favorite Surfboard Travel Bags

  1. Block Surf Double Surfboard Compact Coffin Board Bag
  2. FCS Travel 4 All Purpose Surfboard Bag
  3. Creatures of Leisure Quad Coffin Surfboard Bag

Protect your surfboard from the elements, clumsiness, and airline handlers with a board bag! New to surfing? Not sure what else you need? Check out our Surfing Gear Guide for Beginners or reach out online!

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