The Lost PARTY CRASHER Barges Into the Mid-Length Lineup

2020 is shaping up to be the year of the mid-length, and February is no exception. Lost Surfboards’ newest mid-length, the Party Crasher, needs no invitation to enter the 2020 lineup. The concept? A relentless wave-catching shred stick that’ll either make you wish you had one or wish the wave hog in your lineup with one would choose a different place to surf. 

What’s The Deal With This Board?

In Lost’s words: 

“The PARTY CRASHER is a chopped down, volume-up spin off of the popular Crowd Killer, with a nod to the stylish Smooth Operator, but without forgetting the performance and maneuverability of our shorter hybrids like the Puddle Jumper series, thus furthering our adventures into the ego free fun of Mid-length Mayhem. 

We have nailed the short/wide hybrid for a long time now, our quiver of 6’0” full figured grovelers runs deep. More recently, We’ve been loving the full-scale mid-lengths, including the Smooth Operator and Crowd Killer, but there is literally a 10”-14” length gap between these two ranges of boards in our quiver. Looking for a happy medium between our typical hybrids (which are traditionally ridden at, or even well below your own height) and our Mid-length Mayhem models, the PARTY CRASHER was designed to bridge the considerable size gap. A magic unicorn that glides and paddles like the longer boards, but more maneuverable and easier to travel with, like the smaller boards. The PARTY CRASHER exists to do just that: Crash any spot and shark around the lineup like an unwanted guest, feasting on typical surf like an open bar or free buffet. 

Starting with our favorite 7’2” Crowd Killer Round, we chopped 6” off the tail and made a hard diamond, which further shortens the rail line and enables quicker, more radical, turns. We then whacked 2” off the nose allowing the nose rocker to settle lower and to carry more width forward, lending glide and early entry into waves. The generous tail rocker purposely remains the same, but when squeezed into the shorter board allows it to really fit into tight pockets and short, average broken up beach breaks. It doesn’t need a lot of room to turn.

The PARTY CRASHER retains the Crowd Killer’s relatively low rail volume, and continuous curve outline, which keeps it catch free and forgiving. It features a deeper, more souped-up and radical, single to double concave bottom. The deeper concave adds lift and spark in smaller surf, and increases the rail line rocker, allowing more vertical and tight-radius-turning.

Crash any line up with confidence on this wave catching, yet surprisingly nimble and maneuverable machine. It excels in lackluster surf, but it can hold in up to size of most surfers’ comfort levels. It’s an age appropriate board, that allows more mature surfers to navigate crowded lineups and hit wave quota, without the typical reduction in performance when going with a longer, higher volume board. Meant to be ridden 4”-8” shorter than a Crowd Killer/Smooth Operator, or 4”-8” longer than our range of Puddle Jumper styles, short Hybrids, but with similar width and thickness to all.”

The Lost PARTY CRASHER is available in the following colorways and stock dimensions:

Pale Purple, Cool Grey, Lightest Yellow, Minty Fresh

5’8”19”2 ½”29.5L
5’9”19 ¼”2 ½”30.7L
5’10”19 ½” 2 9/16”32L
5’ 11”19 ¾”2 9/16”33.2L
6’0”20”2 11/16”35L
6’1”20 ¼”2 11/16”36.5L
6’2”20 ½”2 ¾”38L
6’3”20 ¾”2 ¾”39.5L
6’4”21”2 13/16”41L
6’5”21 ¼”2 13/16”42.5L
6’6”21 ½”2 ⅞”44L
6’7”21 ¾”2 ⅞”45.5L
6’8”22”2 15/16”47L
6’9”22 ¼”2 15/16”48.5L
6’10”22 ⅜”3”50L

Not sure what size PARTY CRASHER you should be riding? Check out Lost’s Volume Calculator to determine the right size for you!

Who Is This Board For?

Like many mid-lengths, Lost’s PARTY CRASHER is packed with ample foam, allowing for user-friendly fun, easy paddling, and solid stability. This surfboard is a great option for beginner surfers equipped with the basic fundamentals (Ex: comfortable popping-up, standing, making bottom turns, drawing a line, etc.) looking to transition down from a longboard to something shorter. It’s also a solid selection for mature, experienced surfers looking for something with a bit more foam than their high-performance shortboards. This board comes with a 5-fin set up, allowing you to ride it as a thruster or a quad. 

When, Where, and How Should This Board Be Surfed?

The PARTY CRASHER is an awesome choice for smaller, mushier waves with less power, but also holds up in larger waves, allowing you the option to sit deeper than the folks riding chippy high-performance shortboards. This board works well at both beach breaks and points. In larger surf, we recommend running a quad fin set-up for increased speed and better hold, allowing you to blast through critical sections. In smaller surf, a quad set-up will offer added drive but will slightly stiffen up the turns. Top-to-bottom surfers may want to ride the PARTY CRASHER as a thruster. 

Where Can I Grab One?

The Lost PARTY CRASHER will hit the racks in-store on February 14th and online at! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and check out our blog to never miss out on new board releases, reviews, instructional guides and more!

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