7'8" Stewart Hydro Hull Fun Surfboard

    This updated design just might be the best Fun/Egg shape ever made. With its distinctive carbon wrapped rails for snap and drive, to the Iconic Hydro Hull beveled rail which gives this board an easy rail to rail transition. You will agree this is a really fun surfboard that will help you catch more waves and make impressive turns.The Tuflite-PC and the tri or quad fin configurationare proven innovations that have stood the test of time. If you're looking for a mid-length firecracker, this is your go to board for most conditions.

Stewart Hydro Fun Softop-CP

    The Hydro Fun Softop-CP is geared towards ease of paddling! The Hydro Fun Softop-CP is thicker with a relatively flat rocker. The fullness is held out to the rails, which are beveled all the way around to provide maximum forgiveness. The thermal-formed EVA deck will give you grip
and durability from dings on the nose, tail and rails, and the EPS-Veneer construction will keep your board performing much longer than a standard EPS or PU constructions.

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