How to Install Surfboard Soft Racks on a Car in 7 Simple Steps

It's Confusing We Know...

"California Dreamin'" flickr photo by M McBey

Installing Soft Racks on Car

  1. Open doors: front, back , diver's side and passenger's side.
  2. Lay soft rack flat on car roof, centered, at least 2ft apart and parrallel to one another.
  3. With doors still open, run the longer straps through the inside of your car. (If your car hums going down the highway, give the straps a few twists before running through the inside of the vehicle.
  4. Secure the straps through the buckle and pull taught

Securing Surfboard to Car

  1. Place boards fin side up, and facing the front of the vehicle.
  2. Secure the shorter straps over your surfboards, feed through buckle and pull to tighten (your boards should not move and the strap should not loosen).
  3. If boards extend more than 3ft beyond the soft rack pads (ex: longboards), secure the front of the boards to avoid lift from excessive winds while driving.

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