Okay, we know what you’re thinking, let’s begin with a brief Q&A. 

“Do I need a surfboard leash?”

 Yes (unless you really love open water swimming). 

“How long should my leash be?”

The length of your leash should correspond (approximately) to the length of your board. 

“Wait, what if my board is between leash sizes?”

If you lose your board often, air on the side of caution and use a leash that is slightly longer than the length of your board, as it will prevent your leash from stretching out too drastically (ex: 7’6 surfboard with 8’0 leash). If losing your board often is not a concern, you may use a leash slightly shorter than the length of your board (ex: 5’6 surfboard with 5’0 leash). 

“What is the difference between a standard leash and a comp leash? Which is stronger?” 

Standard leashes are generally thicker than comp leashes, and provide greater durability and strength, but weigh slightly more than comp leashes and consequently increase drag. Competition or comp leashes are thinner than standard leashes, and while still strong, do not provide the same strength as a thicker leash. However, comp leashes weigh less than standard leashes and thereby reduce drag.  

Lastly, “Does Rider Shack carry all of the above leash options and more?” 

Glad you asked. Of course we do! Browse our huge selection of surfboard leashes in a variety of colors and sizes from leading brands including FCS, Dakine, Channel Islands, Creatures, and more!

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