First Look at Channel Islands' New 2020 CI Mid

To the dismay of all you self-proclaimed “alt surfers” out there, the CI Mid marks the long-anticipated entry of the mid-length into the mainstream.

Channel Islands Mid-Length Surfboards

The CI Mid is a modern-classic design resulting from a fun collaboration with Devon Howard, a southern California surfer who has spent the past two decades riding and refining boards of this genre. 

“Inspired by the clean, longer-railed lines drawn by traditional eggs and single-fins, the CI Mid infuses that vibe with the crispness, sensitivity, and freedom made possible by modern features synonymous with Merrick design principles” says CI. “Boasting a moderate midlength template with low entry rocker and foam forward for ease of paddle and effortless trim speed, the CI Mid scoots, squirts and swivels thanks to contemporary features like double-barrel concave, graduated rocker, and hard, slightly tucked rails through and off the tail.”

“A reliable all-arounder that flies over the flatter, smaller stuff, the CI Mid really stands apart from other midlength designs in shoulder-high to nearly double overhead point surf, where surfers are able to lay down flowy, arcing turns with total confidence, speed, and control.”

Similar to the process for designing the FishBeard logo, CI dug deep into the past to come up with something new. In CI’s words: “The minimalist logo is out of the Channel Islands Archives—a handmade lam Al put on his boards in the early '70s. And all CI Mids are stocked with high quality, colorful resin craftsmanship (6-4oz. decks with 6oz. bottoms). We've also designed an all-new custom 2+1 fin template for this board with our neighbors and friends at True Ames Fins in Goleta, California.”

The Fins

2+1 fin setup on the new CI Mid.

“As we know, fins can make or break any surfboard,” says CI. “For the CI Mid, we worked closely with SoCal surfer Devon Howard and our friends at True Ames Fins to custom build this 2 + 1 set that enhances our new midlength’s high-performance characteristics, as well as proving to be versatile in a wide range of conditions with just a simple adjustment of the center fin.”

“Thanks to decades' worth of knowledge, as well as countless rounds of R&D, Devon and True Ames founder Chuck Ames landed on this beautiful, tidy, well-balanced outline with full base and moderate rake that was hand foiled for medium flex—making for a very responsive ride with just the right amount of hold and lift that helps you accelerate through turns. Shaped from clear fiberglass panels, the CI Mid’s 6.5” center box fin is available with either 4” FCS two-tab side bites for medium to bigger sized surfers, or 3.6” for lighter weight riders.”

Fin Recommendations



  • 7" Performance
  • TJ Pro 2+1 set
  • 7" HS 2+1 set
  • SB1 Sides
  • Thermotech SB1

The CI Mid is available in the following standard dimensions and for custom order:

Is This Board For Me?

If you can paddle, pop-up, and stand, this board is going to be a great time! Packed with volume and featuring refined rails, the CI Mid is perfect for flowy performance surfing, relaxed cruising, and small-wave grovelling. Whether you’re stepping down from a longboard, or looking for something with a bit more paddle-power than your chippy thruster, the CI Mid is a guaranteed good time. 

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