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Used Surfboards

Rider Shack has a great selection of used surfboards. We have boards to meet any budget and stock used surfboards for surfers of all skill levels. Our used surfboard list is changing frequently so be sure to check back or give us a call if you don't see what you need. Be sure to check out our used surfboard buyer guide so you can get a great board for a great price.

Buying a used surfboard can be a great way to save some money and help get you into the sport of surfing. It can also be an affordable way to upgrade your equipment without too much of a dent to your pocket book. Used surfboards come in all shapes, sizes and conditions. We have tried our best to create a rating system to help you choose the right used surfboard based on your needs.

Boards posted in the used section are just that, and only boards that are ridden a handful of times with no damage will gain "like new" mention. We rate used board condition (in our professional opinion) by how long we expect the board to last with normal care. Used Surfboards are sold as is. Any repairs needed are not included as part of the purchase price- often this is because it is on consignment and we do not own the board plus we want to offer you the best price possible.

RIDER SHACK Used Surfboard Rating System

  • Like New: This is a surfboard that had no repairs and at the most has a few minor deck pressure dings. These boards have usually only been surfed a couple of times.
  • Good Condition: This is a surfboard that is in overall good surfable condition. This surfboard will have pressure dings from use, may have had professional repairs done, or may need a very minor sun cure type repair.
  • Fair Condition: This is a surfboard that has seen some use it will be pressure dented may need repairs or have had poor to extensive repairs done.
  • Shark Chum: This is a surfboard that has been very well loved. It may make a great inexpensive first surfboard but would probably be better wall art. This is a surfboard that would make a good project.


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