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Lost 5'11 Sub Scorcher 2 Surfboard
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This 5'11 Lost Sub Scorcher 2 swallow tail is a super fast fuller volume shortboard that works great in knee to head high surf.

Lost SS2 Details:
5'11 x 19.30" x 2.30"
30.03 CL
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Lost 5'11 V3 Rocket Surfboard
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This Lost 5'11 V3 Surfboard has an FCS 2/ 5 fin setup and has a carbon strip down the center for added strength. This board is fast and lively down the line, a great fish alternative.

Lost V3 Surfboard Details
5'11 x 20.13" x 2.5"
32.96 Litres
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Lost 5'11 V2 Domesticated Shortboard
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This Lost 5'11 V2 Domesticated shortboard is a great full volume surfboard. This is a great choice for the surfer that wants more volume but still wants to ride a true shortboard.

Lost V2 Surfboard Details:
5'11 x 19.75" x 2.44"
30.44 Litres
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Lost Sub Scorcher 2 5'11 Surfboard
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The Lost Sub Scorcher 2 surfboard is a fresh twist on the extremely popular Sub Scorcher model. The Vee bottom was removed from the last 6" of the tail which increases the rocker by about a 1/4" still keeping the rail line static. As a result the board surfs looser for better vertical and pocket surfing. To keep the board fast with lots of drive, Lost straightened the outline in the tail by adding the double wing swallow tail. This is a great everyman's daily average wave shortboard.

Lost Sub Scorcher 2 Details:
5'11 x 19.5 x 2.44
31.07 CL
FC2 5 fin Set-up Learn More
Lost 5'11 Sub Buggy Surfboard
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This Lost 5'11 Sub Buggy is a fuller volume shortboard for smaller surf. This board has the outline of the Sub Driver with the bottom of the Beach Buggy.

Lost Sub Buggy Details:

5'11 x 18.88" x 2.28"
27.35 CL Learn More
Lost 5'11 Grovler Shortboard Surfboard

Regular Price: $649.95

Special Price: $459.99

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This is a great everyman's daily average wave shortboard. It works good in small and medium size days. This is a very unique surfboard and looks like tons of fun.

Lost Surfboard Details:
5'11 x 18.88 x 2.38
28 CL
FCS Thruster Set-up
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6 Item(s)

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