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Channel Islands 6'0 Fred Stubble Surfboard
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A Fred Rubble condensed in a shorter and wider package. Made for surfing in sub-chest high conditions, the Stubble boasts a wider nose and tail, reduced nose and tail rocker, single entry concave with magnified double barrel concave through the fins and vee upon exit. The design change produced a board that stays on rail even in flat spots, glides over reo sections, draws tight arcs in the smallest pockets, and paddles like a board 3” longer.

Surfboard Details:
6'0 x 19 5/8 x 2 1/2
FCS 5 Fin Set-up
Fins Not Included Learn More
Lost 6'0 Mini Driver Surfboard
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The Lost Mini Driver surfboard is a great bigger wave surfboard that can be ridden shorter by a few inches than your traditional shortboard. This board has a slightly flatter rocker with a pulled in tail so it can handle the 2' slop and the macking barrels. Here is details about the surfboard as described by shaper Matt Biolos. Mini Driver – While preparing a quiver for an Indo trip Kolohe asked for “a short, fast (flat rockered) little 5 fin tube rider”. I recommended the Rock-Up, but he felt it had more tail rocker than he liked and wanted something really, really fast that he could take off extremely deep and pump through tubes from way back. We started with a 6’0” Driver, took note of the nose rocker and outline measurements at 4” and 16” back from the tip, then shrunk the board to a 5’8” and lowered the nose rocker at the tip and 12” back till it matched the 4” and 16” from before. We widened the nose until it matched up the same way. This gave us a screaming fast low nose rocker with a forward placed outline, both attributes give tons of drive. We then rounded off the tail, but left the width at 12” the same. This gave us a very clean and elliptical outline that we expected would move free and easy inside the tube. The Mini Driver performed as hoped. Interestingly enough, one of Kolohe’s buddies (Taylor Clark) grabbed it after it came back from Indo and used it in the US Nationals event in Huntington Beach. He surfed it in 2’ slop all the way to a second place finish in the Open Men’s division. The board worked in everything.

Lost Mini Driver Details:
6'0 x 20x 2.50
32.37 CL
Futures five fin set up Learn More
Lost 6'0 Beach Buggy Surfboard
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Designed specifically with input and feedback from world tour veteran and high performance surfing icon, Taj Burrow. This collaboration/collection stems from the work done to satisfy TBs needs for his trademark brand of razor sharp and explosive, cutting edge competitive and free surfing. With two World Tour wins (Snapper Rocks and Steamer Lane) in Lost and Taj's first full season (2012) of working together, the results more than speak for themselves.

Lost Beach Buggy Details:
6'0 x 19.25 x 2.38
28.72 CL
FCS 2 Thruster Fin Set-up Learn More
Lost 6'0 RV Surfboard
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The latest in Lost's quest for the ultimate "Domesticated" design. The RV is exactly as its name implies…A “Recreational Vehicle”. Designed for extracting maximum fun with minimum effort and ease of exploitation of your precious free time…. If you want to cruise the coast in style and comfort, surf in a resplendent state of wave catching excess and bliss, then the R.V. is for you. The design stems from a blend of the Bottom Feeder/Couch Potato/LayZboy genre. Featuring the same “tip to tip” vee bottom as its predecessors. The vee negates the substantial volume and allows easy rail to rail transitions on wide, thick boards with a lot of surface area. Noticeable updates include the double wing flyers added to the tail, to reduce surface area and increase bite and precision in turns. The reduced surface area adds confidence of not sliding out in hard snaps, and carves. The nose outline has also been tweaked to reduce some are in the forward 12-18″ of the board, but without reducing drive down the line or paddle ability. The nose feels like it “comes around” quicker in turns and looks …and feels, like more of a performance design. We also shallowed the vee up front (for more trim speed and instant burst in the take off) and actually deepened the vee under the rear foot. We did this for a more solid and forgiving…”controlled” feel in turns and carves.

Lost RV Surfboard Details:
6'0 x 22.25 x 2.75
42.20 CL
Future Five Fin Set-up
Future Fins Included Learn More
Lost 6'0 Sub Driver Surfboard
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This Lost Sub-Driver Surfboard is a great beach break surfboard that will handle small to mid sized waves. This board has a little more nose rocker and a flatter tail rocker.

Lost Sub Driver Details:
5'11 x 19.75 x 2.50
Future Five Fin Set-up
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Maurice Cole 6'0 Hipster T Surfboard
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Maurice Cole's new small wave surfboard machine. This board is has a really wide nose and Maurice Cole's favorite Swat tail. guaranteed to bring fun back to small wave surfing!

Maurice Cole Details:
6'0 x 22.75 x 2.75
Future 5 Fin Set-up
Future Fins Included
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Channel Islands 6'0 New Flyer Surfboard
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In 1999, Al Merrick designed the Flyer, revolutionizing high performance surfing in small waves. For 2013 Channel Islands has modernized the Flyer into a shorter and wider package. This new plan-shape allows for the same volume in a shorter rail line. We kept the forgiving 2-stage rocker and added spiral vee starting in front of the fins to allow for rail-to-rail quickness. The signature Merrick hip provides a pivot point for tight arcs.

The New Flyer is now available with a unidirectional carbon strip. The carbon stiffens the middle of the board, increasing flex and bend in the tail and thereby a tighter turn radius. The carbon also reinforces the middle portion of the board against breakage with no detectable weight.

CI New Flyer Details:
6'0 x 20 x 2.5
Squash Tail
FCS 5 Fin Set-up
Fins Not Included Learn More
Lost 6'0 Scorcher Surfboard

Regular Price: $618.95

Special Price: $468.95

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Kolohe’s all around small to average wave contest board is also the most popular HP short board in Lost’s line. His trademark carving style is based around this rocker, outline and rails. The SCORCHER features the same low entry rocker, forward outline and rear rail line rocker of the Stealth, but with the wide bump squash, low stringer centerline rocker and Vee out the back from the SD2. The deep Vee out the tail allows more full rail carving and drive.

Lost Scorcher Details:
6'0 x 18.75 x 2.25
Future Thruster Fin Set-up Learn More
Lost 6'0 Driver Surfboard
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This Lost Driver surfboard is a great all around high performance surfboard that isn't impossible to hop back on after riding your fish for a month in junk surf. This is a great surfboard for 2' mush surf and 6' macking waves. This board is designed to be ridden close to normal shortboard dimensions and has the wide point pushed back for quick tight turns.

Lost Driver Details:
6'0 x 18.63 x 2.32
27.27 CL
Future Thruster Fin Set-up
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6'0 Lost Weekend Warrior Surfboard
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The "Weekend Warrior" : Is the latest greatest "Domesticated" model Lost make. It came about after a couple months of Mayhem riding the new V2-Shortboards. When the surf got tiny he did not want to go back to the radically different small wave boards (Like the Couch Potatos or Bottom Feeders) and have to adjust so dramatically back and forth. He needed a new twist on a small wave, pointed nose, shortboard influenced design. Hoping to make as seamless of transition as possible from the V2-Shortboard, it started with a 6'3" 21" 2.75" and shortened it, then lowered the entry rocker, widened the nose a bit and widened the tail dramatically. The extreme wide tail creates a very straight outline in the rear half of the board (reminiscent of their "Tri-Fish" and other Rocket Fish of the mid 90's), He could increase the concave for more lift in small surf, which also added significant rail rocker..thus adding a more progressive and tight wrapped turning radius off of the rear foot. For the tail shape, I was thinking swallow, but it looked old and done a million times. Matt first cut a diamond into to it, hoping to shorten the rail line further and allow one to stand a bit more central on the board, and then taking a cue from many of the young indy-hipster shapers, he cut a deep wedge into the stringer. This created a "Split Diamond" tail. The prototype I made myself seemed to cause some controversy. At the same time, it also gave this design a lot of instant recognition and surely brought the other shapers plenty of exposure they might not have normally received. All the elements add up to a shorter, compact and effective small wave design that is high on volume, but holds and carries it well. It should allow us "Domesticated" dudes another option to chose from in order to ride a pointed nose weapon in small and gutless surf. it makes an incredible one/two punch as a two board quiver with the V2-Shortboard. For those turned off by the Split Diamond tail, We have already made them as swallows, diamonds and even winged Squash tails…all with similar results.

Weekend Warrior Details:
6'0 x 20.5 x 2.63
35.65 CL
Future 5 Fin Set-up
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Maurice Cole 6' ATM Surfboard

Regular Price: $629.95

Special Price: $479.95

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Over the last 20 years of working and testing with the world’s elite surfers, Maurice Cole has continued to design and shape the magic surfboard for surfers from Curren, Occy, Margo and Slater to Taj, Trent and Ross Clarke-Jones. All the curves and rockers are all Original Designs and have been tested extensively for 12 months before releasing into the market.

The ATM is used in kid grommet boards, short boards, semi-guns or the next board up from a short board and in the bigger Indo/Hawaii guns, that are up to 10 foot long. This design has an elite pedigree and can be relied upon to ride in all conditions.

Pro surfers or advanced riders require a design to work in a variety of waves. The ATM can be relied upon for travel, as it will handle anything that Mother Nature throws at it!

Maurice Cole ATM Surfboard Details:
6' x 18.63" x 2.31"
28.60 Cubic Litres
FCS Fins
2-12FT Surf
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Hayden Shapes 5'4 Hypto Krypto Future Flex Epoxy Surfboard
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The Hypto Krypto is the most versatile shape in the Haydenshapes range, enabling it to be ridden in waves from 1ft to 8ft. It paddles like a dream due to the volume and flatter rocker. You ride the Hypto Krypto on the open face, drawing fast, flowing lines with all the speed it provides.

The outline resembles an old school twin fin in the nose, yet pulls into a rounded pin tail which will give you plenty of hold in the bigger stuff, and provide a lot of curve around the back foot. You can use the wider, straighter outline forward on the board to give you speed down the line and the rounded pintail to draw tighter arcs in the pocket.

Although the rocker of the Hypto Krypto is flat, Hayden has snuck in a little extra lift in the entry to add some curve up front; this helps taking off late, or turning in the steeper sections of the wave. The design of the rocker has been focused around speed, and more speed! The Hypto has never been shaped as a quad because it is too fast already, you’ll find yourself making sections down the line that you would never expect to make.

The foil has plenty of volume around the chest and center area of the board, yet it refines out to a thinner, more pinched rail to keep the board connected to the wave. The concave runs from a rolled vee in the entry, to a slight single transitioning into a vee double out the tail, which gives the board great speed and control from rail to rail.

Overall the Hypto Krypto is the one stop board that you can travel all around the world having fun in average conditions, as well as taking to the barrel and open face when the swell pumps!

Haydenshapes surfboard details:

  • 5'4 x 19.5 x 2.25"

  • 26.2 Cubic Litres

  • Future Fins

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