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Lost 6'0 C3 V3 Rocket Surfboard
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This board is Easy to paddle and surf in small or crowded conditions. The V3-Rockets higher performance characteristics in relation the other Rockets (and their wide tails) makes it the “fishy” board for guys who don’t ride fish!

Lost C3 V3 Rocket Surfboard Details:
6'0 x 20.25 x 2.59
FCS fins (included)
35.23 cL Learn More
Lost 6'0 V2 Domesticated Shortboard Surfboard
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The Lost V2 Domesticated Shortboard surfboard is a great performance shortboard with a little more volume. This is great for smaller conditions or for the surfer that wants a full volume everyday shortboard.

Lost V2 Domesticated Shortboard details:

6'0 x 20 x 2.50
FCS2 Fins
32.10 cL Volume
Fins included Learn More
Lost 6'0 RV Surfboard
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The Lost RV surfboard is part of the domesticated series of boards. This board is a great high performance small wave surfboard. The RV will have you dominating on your wave count. This is a great board to have in the collection.

Lost RV Surfboard Details:

6'0 x 22.25" x 2.75"
41.93 CL
Fins Included
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Lost 6' Sub Buggy Surfboard
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This Lost 6' Sub Buggy is a fuller volume shortboard for smaller surf. This board has the outline of the Sub Driver with the bottom of the Beach Buggy.

Lost Sub Buggy Details:

6' x 19" x 2.30"
28.14 CL Learn More
Lost 6'0 Kolohe Andino Surfboard
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This is Kolohe Andino's personal Lost Surfboard. It is a hybrid between the Driver and the F1 Stub. Good option if you are looking for a high performance shortboard. This board will excel in 4ft + Surf

Lost Surfboard Details:
6'0 x 18.75 x 2.25
FCS Fins
26.80 cL
Fins Not Included Learn More
Lost 6'0 Beach Buggy Surfboard

Regular Price: $675.00

Special Price: $549.00

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Designed specifically with input and feedback from world tour veteran and high performance surfing icon, Taj Burrow. This collaboration/collection stems from the work done to satisfy TBs needs for his trademark brand of razor sharp and explosive, cutting edge competitive and free surfing. With two World Tour wins (Snapper Rocks and Steamer Lane) in Lost and Taj's first full season (2012) of working together, the results more than speak for themselves.

Lost Beach Buggy Details:
6'0 x 19.25 x 2.38
28.72 CL
FCS 2 Thruster Fin Set-up Learn More

6 Item(s)

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