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Lost 6'4 Driver Surfboard
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This Lost Driver surfboard is a great all around high performance surfboard that isn't impossible to hop back on after riding your fish for a month in junk surf. This is a great surfboard for 2' mush surf and 6' macking waves. This board is designed to be ridden close to normal shortboard dimensions and has the wide point pushed back for quick tight turns.

Lost Driver Details:
6'4 x 19.5" x 2.63"
FCS II Fins Learn More
Lost 6'4 V3 Rocket Surfboard

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Special Price: $675.00

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This 6'4 Lost V3 surfboard is a great full volume shortboard. This board catches waves with ease, it is incredibly fast and lively on the wave.

Lost V3 Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 21" x 2.75"
40.87 Litres
FCS II 5 Fin

This board has a rail ding that was from transit. It has been fully repaired and being sold at a discount Learn More
Lost Bean Bag 5'4 Surfboard
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This 5'4 Lost Bean Bag surfboard is the extreme in small wave surfing. This surfboard is super wide and flat but can be surfed from the tail and rail to rail without sliding out on you. This surfboard is designed to be ridden extremely short.

Lost Bean Bag Details:
5'4 x 22 x 2.56
Future 5 in setup (not included)
35.86 cL
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Channel Islands New Flyer 6'4 Surfboard
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This 6'4 New Flyer is a modernized flyer, it is shorter and wider than the original flyer. It's got the same volume, but a shorter rail line. This board is good for knee to head high waves, and is great in tricky conditions.

New Flyer Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 21.75 x 2 7/8
41.7 cL
FUT/5 Fin Setup (Not Included) Learn More
Channel Islands Girrabit 6'4 Surfboard
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This 6'10 channel Islands Girabbit surfboard is Jordy Smith's model for better than average surf. This is a great all around shortboard for Chest to Double overhead punchy surf.

Channel Islands Girabbit Details:
6'4 x 19.75 x 2 5/8"
34.4 cL
FCS fin setup (Not Included)
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Lost V3 Round It 6'4 Surfboard
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This board is Easy to paddle and surf in small or crowded conditions. The V3 Round it is a higher performance board, similar to the V3 Rocket except it has a round tail.

Lost V3 Round it Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 21 x 2.75
FUT2/5 Fin Setup (not included)
40.45 Learn More
Lost RV 5'4 Surfboard
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This 5'4 RV Surfboard is a great high performance grovel surfboard. This board will catch small waves with ease and still handle head high surf. The board is fast and lively down the line.

Lost RV Details:
5'4 x 20.25" x 2.32"
28.9 Litres
Future Fins Learn More
Lost 6'4 Taj Whiplash Surfboard
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This 6'4 Lost Taj Whiplash is a super high performance shortboard.

Lost Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 19.38" x 2.56"
Future Fins (not included) Learn More
Lost Pro Tow MC 6'4 Surfboard
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The design has a deep concave that is punctuated by a sharp rail which in historical terms would have created a board that would go really fast in a straight line. The Protow ushers in a new era of speed and carve surfing with a rail that won’t let go even in the most critical bottom turn scenario. Width and volume in the right places create a board that quite often floats better than a conventional board 3 or 4 inches longer and facilitates tighter, stronger turns with considerably less effort. This board will have you paddling over the grommets but will impress with its performance steep and deep.

Pro Tow MC Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 20.25 x 2.61
34.74 cL
FUT/5 fin Learn More
Lost Whiplash 6'4 Surfboard
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Built for precision, tight radius, high speed, spontaneous surfing. The mindset behind this board was “anything not needed, take out”. Low volume rails, vee deck, elliptical outline (No hip or bump in the tail) with narrower nose and tail block combined with an aggressive rail rocker and deep concaves to keep it moving make this the most sensitive and responsive board Learn More
Lost 6'4 Sub Scorcher 2 Carbon Surfboard
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The Lost Sub Scorcher 2 surfboard is a fresh twist on the extremely popular Sub Scorcher model. The Vee bottom was removed from the last 6" of the tail which increases the rocker by about a 1/4" still keeping the rail line static. As a result the board surfs looser for better vertical and pocket surfing. To keep the board fast with lots of drive, Lost straightened the outline in the tail by adding the double wing swallow tail. This is a great everyman's daily average wave shortboard. It also has a carbon strip down the middle for added strength.

Lost Sub Scorcher 2 Details:
6'4 x 20.75 x 2.75
FCS2 Set-up (fins not included) Learn More
Lee Stacey 5'4 Future Flex Bull Frog Surfboard
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This 5'4 Lee Stacey Bull Frog surfboard is a great full volume fishy type board for small to average surf. This board is made Future Flex epoxy technology.

Lee Stacey Surfboard Details:
5'4 x 21" x 2.5"
32.11 Litres
Future 5 Fin Learn More

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