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Torq 9' Pinline Longboard Surfboard
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From gliding and tip riding, to surfing in powerful conditions, the requirement for a modern longboard is versatility. Our design delivers, covering all terrain. From young to old, new school through traditional styles, first wave rides to decades of experience.

With low entry rocker and full outline you’ll find a board that glides in the small stuff and can be ridden from the front. Progressive surfers will find a quick midsection, slightly pulled tail, with enough release to keep the board fast and loose. 2+1 fin set up.

Surfboard Details:

Torq 9' Pinline Longboard
9' x 22.75'' x 3 1/8''
72 Liters
2+1 fin set up (included) Learn More
Hayden Shapes Love Buzz 5'9 Surfboard
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Love Buzz is a performance shortboard, described as the ‘Love Child’ of the Hypto Krypto and The Ando model. The design blends surface area, rocker and performance curves to create a very all-round, fast and flowing short board. It will always carry speed yet give you that sensitivity to surf in all areas of the wave.

Love Buzz Surfboard Details:
5'9 x 19 1/8" x 2 3/8"
Future Fins/ Thruster Setup (Not Included) Learn More
Maurice Cole 5'9 Hipster T Hydroflex Surfboard
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This Maurice Cole Hipster T surfboard is a great full volume hybrid surfboard that will work great in small to medium surf. This surfboard is made from Hydroflex's epoxy technology.

Maurice Hipster T Details:
5'9 x 22" x 2.75"
FCS Fins (not included)
Hydroflex Epoxy Learn More
Lost 6'3 V3 Round It Surfboard
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The Lost V3 Round It is a V3 Rocket with a pulled in round tail. This board is fuller volume for easy wave catching and will handle better surf with the pulled in round tail.

Lost V3 Round It Details:
6'3 x 20.50" x 2.63"
FCS II 5 Fin
37.50 Litres Learn More
Channel Islands New Flyer 5'9 Surfboard
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This 5'9 New Flyer is a modernized flyer, it is shorter and wider than the original flyer. It's got the same volume, but a shorter rail line. This board is good for knee to head high waves, and is great in tricky conditions.

New Flyer Surfboard Details:
5'9 x 20 x 2 3/8
28.8 cL
FCS/5 Fin Setup (Not Included) Learn More
Lost Scorcher 5'9 Surfboard

Regular Price: $675.00

Special Price: $599.99

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The Lost Scorcher is a great high performance shortboard surfboard. This board would be great for a grom or a light weight surfer.

Lost Scorcher Details:

5'9 x 18.18" x 2.14"
23.32 CL
FCS2 Fins

Please not this board has a Sub Scorcher 2 Lam but is a scorcher. Learn More
Torq 9'0 Pinline Longboard Surfboard
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If you're looking for a high volume, easy to ride surfboard that'll increase your wave count then this Torq Longboard is the board for you. This would also be a great choice for a beginner surfer.

9'0 Torq Surfboard Details:

9'0 x 22.75 x 3 1/8"

72 Cubic Litres

2 + 1 Fin setup (included)

2ft - 5ft+
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