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If you're surfing with friends or have a surfboard that is too big for your car, truck or suv a surfboard car rack is going to be necessary. Surfboard car racks come in several styles and will vary depending on the type of car you drive and your specific needs. If you are purchasing a surfboard rack for your car with a factory installed or an aftermarket rack system you will want to look for a set of pads and straps to secure the surfboard to your car. These straps are sold in both a locking and non locking versions. When it comes to choosing the surfboard rack pads this will be based off of the rack cross bars. If your vehicle has flat factory cross bars a set of the aero rack pads will be your best bet. If your vehicle has an aftermarket roof rack like Thule or Yakima a set of the round standard rack pads will work best. If you drive a truck a surfboard tail gate pad will do the job great. These are available in both a locking and non locking version and work by securing your surfboard to the tailgate of your truck. If you drive a car with no roof rack and want a fast affordable way to transport your surfboard a set of soft rack pads are what you need. They are available in both a locking and non-locking version plus you can choose from a double or single set. A single set of soft rack pads will typically hold 1-3 surfboards securely to your car, a double set will secure 1-6 surfboards to the roof of your car.

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