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Surfboard Fins

Surfboard Fins

Rider Shack stocks a great selection of surfboard fins from FCS and Futures. Just like surfboards, fins vary in size, shape, and style. Buying the right fin can make your surfboard feel magical while the wrong fin can make your board feel sluggish and dead. Click here to learn more about buying the right Surfboard Fins.

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Futures California Downwind SUP Single Fin
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With the Future Fins SUP California Downwind Fin Futures was focused on creating an Elite Fin. The California Downwind Fin was created with the help on Matt Becker. Similar to the Hawaii Downwind, this upright design combined with a surf style tip, carbon leading edge and strategically placed Hex Core gives the California Downwind a loose feel with positive release, creating a responsive pivot to maneuver into the next bump. The main difference is the addition of a laid back leading edge to reduce kelp and debris drag, which is important for Cali.

Future Fins SUP California Downwind Fin Details:

Height: 9.51 in. 241.55 mm
Base: 6.01 in. 152.65 mm
Area: 43.50 in. 1104.9 mm Learn More
Future Danny Fuller Quad Fins
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Graphics by world-renowned performance artist Aaron Young. Danny and Aaron met each other in the NYC art scene, and immediately established a mutual fondness over each other's work. Aaron's performance art includes sheets of metal, layers of acrylic paint, crotch-rocket motorcycles, stunt riders and burnouts. Watch his video for more insight into these graphics.

Fuller's Quad set is a combo of his favorite fiberglass fronts and rears from over the years. Something close to a Rusty front and the GL 3.75 rear, combined into one specialized set. Danny's been riding it for years. His entire quiver, small wave grovelers to outer reef guns, is designed around riding these fins. Quads are all the rage. This set is expanding our range, purposely catering to tube riding and waves of consequence, but also diversifying into high performance ripping.

Danny Fuller Fin Details:
Front Fins:

Height: 4.35in, 11.05cm
Base: 4.37in, 11.10cm
Area: 14.41sq in,92.97sq cm

Rear Fins:

Height: 3.74in, 9.50cm
Base: 3.63in, 9.22cm
Area: 10.05sq in,64.84sq cm
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Future Fins QD2 3.75 Techflex Quad Trailer Fins
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These Future QD2 3.75 Quad Trailing fins are made from Future Fins tech flex material and have a shallow 1/2" box size for a surfboards quad trailing fins.

Fin Details
3.75" tall from top of base
Single Foiled Learn More
Future Stretch Quad RTM Surfboard Fin Set
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Stretch Quad Surfboard Fins 

Front Fins: Stretch Quad
4.39 in,     11.20 cm

Base:   4.34 in,     11.00 cm
Area:  14.52 sq in, 93.68 sq cm
Rear Fins
: 400 Quad Rear

Height: 4.00 in,    10.20 cm
3.89 in,      9.90 cm
12.41 sq in, 80.06 sq cm

Base Depth: 1/2 & 3/4 in.


The Stretch Quad has Stretch's unique inside foil, which compliments the fins outline very well. Great for mushy to rippable surf.







Lighteight foam hex core glass fin that has the look and feel of a glass-on fin. Engineered with a medium flex pattern.  Great for all conditions.

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