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Used 8'6 Anderson Gun Surfboard
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This used 8'6 Anderson Gun surfboard would be a great wall hanger or be great for charging big waves.

Used Surfboard Details:
8'6 x 20.25" x 3 1/8"
Glass On Fins
Rating (good) Learn More
Rip Curl Mirage Side Phase Mens Boardwalk Shorts (Grey)
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The Rip Curl Mirage Side Phase men's boardwalk shorts are a great hybrid short for in and out of the water. These shorts have a 21" outseam, and mesh pockets. They are made from 91% Poly and 9% Spandex. Learn More
Nixon Private SS Watch (Gunmetal)
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The Nixon Private SS watch is made from stainless steel and a great classic time piece.

Nixon Private SS watch details:

  • Movement: 3 hand Japanese quartz.

  • Case: Custom 100 meter stainless steel with hardened mineral crystal, raised bezel, and triple gasket enamel fill crown. 42mm diameter.

  • Band: Custom stainless steel with double locking clasp. 24mm wide.

Learn More
Channel Islands 6'2'' New Flyer Surfboard
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In 1999, Al Merrick designed the Flyer, revolutionizing high performance surfing in small waves. For 2013 Channel Islands has modernized the Flyer into a shorter and wider package. This new plan-shape allows for the same volume in a shorter rail line. We kept the forgiving 2-stage rocker and added spiral vee starting in front of the fins to allow for rail-to-rail quickness. The signature Merrick hip provides a pivot point for tight arcs.

The New Flyer is now available with a unidirectional carbon strip. The carbon stiffens the middle of the board, increasing flex and bend in the tail and thereby a tighter turn radius. The carbon also reinforces the middle portion of the board against breakage with no detectable weight.

Surfboard Details:

Channel Islands 6'2'' New Flyer
6'2'' x 20 1/2'' x 2 5/8''
35.0 Liters
FCS Fins (not included) Learn More
Modern 7'6 Blackbird Funboard Surfboard
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Classified as fun shapes, these boards feature a very balanced outline and a generous sweet spot through the middle of the board. The rounded nose and full rails add to the usability of this model, which means regardless of your skill level, the Blackbird will paddle well, feel stable under foot, and accelerate with minimal effort.

Surfboard Details:

7'6 x 21 5/8 x 2 7/8
53 cL Volume
FCS Fins (included) Learn More
Q-cell Surfboard Repair Filler
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This Q-Cell surfboard foam filler is used for mixing with resin. This will make a light foam like consistency easy to reshape just like the inner foam of your surfboard. Learn More
Rider Shack 7'6'' Funboard Surfboard
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This 7'6'' Rider Shack Fun board is a great board from a local surf shop.

Surfboard Details:

7'6'' Rider Shack Funboard
7'6'' x 21 5/8'' x 2 5/8''
FCS Fins (not included) Learn More
Lost 5'10 V2 Domesticated Shortboard Surfboard
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The Lost V2 Domesticated Shortboard surfboard is a great performance shortboard with a little more volume. This is great for smaller conditions or for the surfer that wants a full volume everyday shortboard.

Lost V2 Shortboard details:

5'10 x 19.5" x 2.38"
28.95 CL
Learn More
Future F4 QD2 375 Quad Fin Set
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The Future F4 QD2 375 Quad fin setup is one of the most popular templates available as a quad setup. The F4 is a great for template medium sized riders looking for a fin that is a little looser or for smaller sized riders looking for a setup with a little more drive.

Front Fins:

Height: 4.37 in, 11.10 cm
Base: 4.22 in, 10.72 cm
Area: 14.22 sq in, 91.74 sq cm

Rear Fins:

Height: 3.75 in, 9.53 cm
Base: 3.64 in, 9.25 cm
Area: 10.90 sq in, 70.32 sq cm
Learn More
Rusty 5'8 Panda Surfboard
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This Rusty surfboard is what William Cardoso , aka Panda , rides in competition. Panda is a heavy surfer , 200 lbs , yet very powerful , throws buckets of water on every turn. He needs something to float him but still be a high performance surfboard. Good amount of rocker combined with a expressive single concave plus a kick in the last 3 inches of the tail; All that combined enable William to go vertical in tight arcs. The board has a curvy outline , a pronounced bump and a not so wide squash. The rails are tapered to sink in the water for powerful turns, keeping the thickness at the center with an accentuated dome deck. For waves waist high to double overhead.

Rusty Panda Surfboard Details:

5'8 x 19.75" x 2.58"
30.5 Litres Learn More
OAM Cory Lopez Green Surfboard Traction Pad (Black/White)
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Fashion up your surfboard in style with this Cory Lopez On A Mission surfboard traction pad! The Color of this pad is Black & White.

Learn More
Bionic Labs Cinch Sac Wetsuit Change Mat
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Keep your wetsuit out of the dirt with Bionic Labs Cinch Sac wetsuit change mat and carrying bag. Made in California! Learn More
Used 5'5'' Bush Man Mini Simmons Surfboard
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This Used 5'5'' Bush Man mini Simmons twin fin is a great fun shape that would excel is small surf and point breaks.

Used Surfboard Details:

5'5'' x 22.75'' x 2.63''
Future Fins (not included)
Rating (good)
Learn More
Rip Curl Womens Dawn Patrol 4/3 Surfing Wetsuit (Black)
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The Rip Curl Women's Dawn Patrol 4/3mm surfing wetsuit is a great priced, super stretchy suit that will keep you warm and surfing for hours. This wetsuit has a great female fit that will form to a woman's curves.

Wetsuit Details:

4/3mm Neoprene
Glued and Blind Stitched
Back Zip Entry
Black Colorway Learn More
Wide Base 8" Plastic Longboard Fin
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This wide base longboard fin is a great basic affordable surfboard fin. This fin has a wide template which offers great hold and drive. Learn More
Used 5'6" Vermilya Shortboard Surfboard
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This Used 5'6'' Vermilya Surfboard is a good performance shortboard for our California beach breaks.

Used Surfboard Details:

5'6" x 18 1/4" x 2 1/8"
Future Fins (not included)
Rating (good) Learn More
Lost 6'4 Taj Whiplash Surfboard
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This 6'4 Lost Taj Whiplash is a super high performance shortboard.

Lost Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 19.38" x 2.56"
Future Fins (not included) Learn More
FCS II Reactor PC Carbon Surfboard Fins (S)
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The FCS II Reactor fin set is designed for tight turns and snaps. The Reactor fin set is a fast reacting fin that works great in fast hollow surf. This fin is for the surfer that wants quick acceleration and tail release.

Reactor Fin Details:

Conditions: Hollow steep waves, punchy beach breaks.
Boards: Performance shortboards with moderate to low rocker. Learn More
The Surfers Guide to Baja
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The Title Says it all. Want help planning a trip to baja this is the book for you. Learn More
Lost 6'4'' V2 Shortboard Surfboard
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2014′s break out shortboard hit proved to be as equally embraced from the mini grom rads… to the Domesticated dads. Essentially hatching from the V2-Rocket. Its low entry rocker, coupled with a healthy amount of tail rocker, makes for a quick start and front foot drive, with snappy, precise rear footed turning. The curvaceous outline and smallish tail block hide a deceptively wide tail at 12”. This allows for a fast and stable board that still ”pushes back” but also fits well into tight hooks if asked. Immediately embraced by many WT and WQS surfers, big results and event wins started piling up. At the same time, once we started selling the beefed up “Domesticated” version, that Matt Biolos friends and himself were riding, it quickly built a following coast to coast.

Surfboard Details:

Lost 6'4'' V2 Shortboard Surfboard
6'4'' x 20'' x 2.63''
35.18 Liters
Future Fins (included) Learn More
Channel Islands New Flyer 6' Surfboard
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This 6' New Flyer is a modernized flyer, it is shorter and wider than the original flyer. It's got the same volume, but a shorter rail line. This board is good for knee to head high waves, and is great in tricky conditions.

New Flyer Surfboard Details:
6' x 20 x 2.5
31.6 cL
FCS/5 Fin Setup (Not Included) Learn More
FCS 2 Carver Performance Core Surfboard FIn (M)
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The Carver Thruster Fin Set up by FCS is an elongated fin for performing long arcing turns. It has a high degree of sweep angle that provides exceptional control off the bottom and when carving on the open face. The carver was designed for power surfers who like to push hard against their fins and draw out their turns.

Fin Details:
FCS 2 System
Carver Fins
Performance Core Construction
Size Medium Learn More
Sun Cure Small 1oz Surfboard Repair Tube
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Instant repair for surfboards and all fiberglass or composites.
Sun Cure® is fiberfilled for strength and workability. Requires
no mixing, and can be used at all temperatures. Once cured it can
be easily sanded or painted.

4oz Kit includes:
3 grades of sandpaper
Mylar coversheet

Learn More
Used 6'1'' Lost Conquest XTR Surfboard
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This Used 6'1'' Lost Conquest El Diablo surfboard is practically brand new. This board is epoxy so it is lighter and will float you better and will catch as many waves as you want!

Used Surfboard Details:

6'1'' x 20.50'' x 2.88''
38.8 Liters
FCS II Fins (not included)
Rating (like new) Learn More
Used 5'11 Guy Okazaki Shortboard Surfboard
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This used 5'11 Guy O Shortboard surfboard is in very good condition and would make a great board to have!

Used Surfboard Details:
5'11 x 18 1/2 x 2.25
Future fins (Not included)
Rating (very good) Learn More
Hurley Rise Solid Men's L/S Shirt (Concrete)
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The Hurley Rise Solid men's L/S shirt is a great way to dress up the occasion in comfort and style. This shirt is made from 60% cotton and 40% poly and has a great light weight feel. Learn More
DAKINE Standard Surfboard Rack Pads
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Head to the beach with ease and keep your surfboard safe using these DAKINE surfboard rack pads. The Dakine Standard rack pads are a great choice Yakima, Thule, and round type racks. Please choose DAKINE AERO rack pads for wider factory style car racks. This package includes a set of 2 18" Rack Pads.


  • Durable 600D polyester material
  • Hook and loop closure
Learn More
Used 6'5'' Lost Speed Demon 2 Surfboard
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This Used 6'5'' Lost Speed Demon 2 surfboard is a great performance shortboard and would be a good step up board for those bigger days.

Used Surfboard Details:

6'5'' x 19.75'' x 2.63''
FCS Fins (not included)
Rating (fair) Learn More
Channel Islands M13 6'10 Surfboard
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This is a performance hybrid that caters to the widest possible type and size of surfer and the widest range of wave conditions. Not to be confused with a funshape type board. Paddles like a funshape, but surfs like a shortboard

Surfboard Details:
6'10 x 20.25 x 2 7/8
FCS II fins
45.7 cL Learn More
GoPro Surfboard Camera Mount
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Mount your GoPro to surfboards, kayaks, SUPs, boat decks or other gear where maximum holding strength is needed. Includes an FCS compatible male plug to mount your GoPro using an FCS center fin socket.
Perfect for surfboards, kayaks, SUPs, boat decks and more Learn More
OAM 6' Surfboard Leash
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This On a Mission surfboard leash comes in some great colors to give your board that extra style. Choose from you favorite pros style or even choose Torey Meister's glow in the dark surfboard leash. Learn More
Futures JC1 Blackstix 3.0 Surfboard Fins
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The JC1 Blackstix was designed by John Carper of JC Surfboards as a springy fin with a V2 foil for the powerful surfer looking to build speed and drive in smaller waves. The JC1 is a traditional template with a refined base that carries through to a fuller tip, which is meant to hold through turns. Learn More
Surfco Hawaii Surfboard Nose Guard
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The Surfco Hawaii surfboard nose guard is easy to apply. Peel, stick, surf! This nose guard is designed to fit “traditional” short boards, “fishes” and “guns." Available in clear, black, green, red, silver, white, and yellow. Tints: blue, green, red, smoke, yellow and pink. Learn More
Future F4 V2 Quad Fin Set
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The Futures Vector 2 F4 Quad is a perfectly balanced template for the average size rider. Stability and speed along with a forgiving outline.

Trailing fin Details:

Height 3.75"

Mounting depth: 1/2"

Learn More
FCS II Reactor Neo Glass Surfboard Fins (M)
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The FCS II Reactor Neo Glass surfboard fins are great for tight turns and snaps, they excel in hollow waves.

• Fast reacting fin for performing tight radius turns.
• Upright template with flat foil on the side fins allows for acute directional changes.
• Designed for surfers who like to stay tight in the pocket and perform aerial maneuvers.

IDEAL CONDITIONS: Suits hollow waves and punchy beach breaks.

BOARD TYPES: Recommended for performance shortboards with moderate-to-low rocker.

Neo Glass: Lightweight, moulded fiberglass construction delivering pro standard performance. The high fiberglass content makes these fins stiff and responsive, and the engineered foils provide a consistent feel in a range of different conditions.

MEDIUM (65Kg - 80 Kg / 145 - 175 Lbs)


Base: 4.34" / 110mm
Depth: 4.57" / 116mm
Area: 14.96"² / 9650mm²
Sweep: 31.9º
Foil: Flat

Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System. Learn More
FCS II Mick Fanning Thruster Surfboard Fins (M)
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These FCS II Mick Fanning surfboard fins are a medium template and designed to be used with the FCS II snap in fin system. These fins have a great combination of drive and release. Perfect for surfers in the 150-180lb weight range.

This package includes a thruster set of fins. Learn More
FCS 7ft Premium Surfboard Leash
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This FCS Surfboard leash is perfect for surfboards 7'6 and shorter it is great for day to day performance and strength. This leash is perfect for surfing waves 1-2 feet over head and smaller.


  • Deluxe Padded High Density neoprene ankle starp

  • 360 degree flexible horn to eliminate point pressure on ankle area


  • Specifically engineered high strength urethane cord

  • Double hardened swivels

  • Extra strong rip and grip velcro

FCS Leash Length & Thickness

  • 7 feet

  • Cord thickness regular 7mm

  • Wave Size 2-8 feet

Learn More
Used 6'6'' Stretch Lil Buddy Surfboard
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This Used 6'6'' Stretch Lil Buddy Surfboard is a great step up board for those big days.

Used Surfboard Details:

6'6'' x 19.25'' x 2''
FCS Fins (not included)
Rating (good) Learn More
Rip Curl Mirage Aggrotrippin Mens Boardshorts Blue
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These Rip Curl Mirage Aggrotrippin men's board shorts are a performance 4 way stretch boardshort with a 21" outseam. These Boardshorts have a Blue Stripe colorway. Learn More
Macks Pillow soft Silicone Earplugs for Surfing
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The ultimate in earplug comfort, Mack's silicone putty molds to the unique contours of any ear. 

Doctor recommended to:

  • Seal out water

  • Help prevent swimmer's ear

  • Provide protection after surgeries

  • Help relieve flying discomfort

  • Protect hearing from loud noises

  • Provide non-toxic, non-allergenic protection

  • Provides a better, more comfortable fit and seal than custom ear plugs

2 Pairs & Carrying case included

Learn More
Lost 5'6'' Short Round Shortboard Surfboard
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Lost's latest high performance hybrid. In the tradition of the Rocket and its many knock offs, the Shortround bridges the gap between easy riding “cheater” boards and the HP Shortboard. Tested all around Southern California in the summer of 2014, this board has more than impressed. The buzz about it is spreading fast. The speed comes from a low entry rocker and wide-ish nose, with a forward wide point and generous concave throughout. The performance comes from a moderate, but not flipped up, tail rocker, a double concave through the fins and the same sort of modern bump squash tail that you would find on a typical contest style, small wave HP shortboard. All combined, it doesn’t look like anything fancy and there are no gimmicks, but some times less is more, and there is a lot packed into this little board.

Surfboard Details:

Lost 5'6'' Short Round Surfboard
5'6'' x 19 1/2'' x 2 1/2''
Future Fins (not included)
Learn More
Nurf 8'0 Longboard Surfboard
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These Nurf surfboard are great for beginners and weekend warriors alike. They have firm bottoms with a soft deck. They will watch waves easily and will surf more like a fiberglass surfboard.

Surfboard Details:

Fins Included Learn More
Nixon Lodown Tide Watch (Rasta)
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The Nixon Lowdown tide watch is a great affordable watch with pre-programmed tide data. This watch will have you catching the surf just right and will keep your boss happy now that you show up on time.

Nixon Lodown Tide Watch Details:

  • Movement: Custom digital with pre-programmed tide information for over 200 beaches until 2020, Future tide, dual time, alarm, countdown timer, wave counter, chrono and light.

  • Case: Custom 100 meter fiber reinforced polycarbonate with raised bezel, direct tide pusher and treated acrylic crystal.

  • Band: Custom injected polyurethane with patented locking looper and stainless steel buckle.

Learn More
Future Fins Lost Matt Biolos Large 5 Fin Set
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The Lost Large 5-fin, designed by …Lost shaper Matt Biolos, is a combined set that features both a Thruster and a Quad set-up. Designed with high performance surfing in mind, both sets incorporate a carbon based front fin that provides stability through turns, while enhancing the spring through the tip. The Quad rears have an 80/20 foil for increases responsiveness, and allow for a smooth transition from performance Thruster to performance Quad. A lightweight hexagonal core gives these fins the feel of glass-ons. Engineered with a medium flex pattern, stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than Fiberglass. These are a Flat Foiled fin. Flat foiled fins break free sooner, and are better at controlling speed. Often surfers prefer them in fast powerful surf where they do not need to create additional speed. If you have muscle memory from riding glass-ons, flat foiled fins will feel the closest.

Lost Large 5 Fin Pack Details:

Best for 180lb + Surfers

HEIGHT: 4.65"
BASE: 4.50"
AREA: 15.45"

HEIGHT: 4.00
BASE: 3.88"
AREA: 11.43" Learn More
Lost 6' Kolohe Driver Surfboard
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This 6' Lost Driver surfboard was shaped for Pro team rider Kolohe Andino. This is a great high performance shortboard.

Lost KA Driver Details
6' x 18.63" x 2.25"
26.80 Litres
FCS II Fins Learn More
Ocean & Earth Compact Day Shortboard Bag
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The Ocean & Earth compact day shortboard surf bag is a great bag for daily protection of your shortboard surfboard. This bag is easy to load and unload and will protect your surfboard from sun damage as well as damage caused by accidental bumps and drops. Learn More
Used 5'8'' Lost Sub Blaster Shortboard Surfboard
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This used 5'8'' Lost Sub Blaster is a good performance shortboard.

Used Surfboard Details:

5'8'' x 19.75'' x 2.25''
Future Fins (not included)
Rating (fair) Learn More
Channel Islands Dane Reynolds 6' Comp Surfboard Leash
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This Channel Islands surfboard leash is Dane Reynolds signature competition leash. This leash is available in 4 color choices and is 6ft long by 3/16" thick. Learn More
O'Neill Thermo S/S Crew Rashguard(Black)
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This O'Neill Thermo S/S Crew is ideal for adding some warmth to your wetsuit for those cold winter days.

O'Neill's Thermo S/S Crew features:
- UPF 50+: maximum protection.
- 8oz polypropelene
- Maximum Core insulation
- Water Repellent, Odor resistant
- 4-way stretch fabric
- Boardshort Connector
- Rash Protection
- Flatloc Stitched
Learn More
Used 6'6'' Guy Okazaki Shortboard Surfboard
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This Used 6'6'' Guy Okazaki surfboard is a good step up board or big boy toy that will work well in all California conditions.

Used Surfboard Details:

6'6'' x 21'' x 2 3/4''
Future Fins (not included)
Rating (good) Learn More

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