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Lost 6'4 V2 Surfboard
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This Lost 6'4 V2 Shortboard is a great full volume shortboard that would be great for a bigger surfer and catch waves with ease.

Lost V2 Details:
6'4 x 21" x 2.75"
FCS II Fins (not included)
39.12 Litres Learn More
O'Neill Thermo S/S Crew Rashguard(Black)
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This O'Neill Thermo S/S Crew is ideal for adding some warmth to your wetsuit for those cold winter days.

O'Neill's Thermo S/S Crew features:
- UPF 50+: maximum protection.
- 8oz polypropelene
- Maximum Core insulation
- Water Repellent, Odor resistant
- 4-way stretch fabric
- Boardshort Connector
- Rash Protection
- Flatloc Stitched
Learn More
Used 6'10 Reality Surfboard
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This used 6'10 Reality surfboard is in fair condition and would make a good starter shortboard

Used surfboard details:
6'10 x 19 7/16" x 2 7/16"
FCS Fins (not included)
Rating (fair) Learn More
FCS II Performer PC Carbon Surfboard Fins (S)
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The FCS II Performer surfboard fin set is a great all around fin for any surfboard and any surfer. This fin has a balance of speed, flow and response for all surf conditions.

FCS II Performer Fin Details:

Conditions: A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks
Boards: Recommended for all board types Learn More
FCS 2 Carver Performance Core Surfboard FIn (M)
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The Carver Thruster Fin Set up by FCS is an elongated fin for performing long arcing turns. It has a high degree of sweep angle that provides exceptional control off the bottom and when carving on the open face. The carver was designed for power surfers who like to push hard against their fins and draw out their turns.

Fin Details:
FCS 2 System
Carver Fins
Performance Core Construction
Size Medium Learn More
Mr. Zogs Sex wax Surfboard Scraper Wax Comb
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Clean your surfboard with this Mr. Zogs Sex Wax comb. This will make scraping that dirty old wax your surfboard a cinch. Learn More
Hurley Phantom Blockade Mens Hybrid Shorts (Navy)
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These Hurley Phantom Blockade men's hybrid shorts have a 21" outseam, mesh lined pockets and rubber buttons. These feel like a boardshort with the convenience of pockets like a traditional short, They are great both in and out of the water. Learn More
DAKINE Andy Irons Pro Surfboard Traction Pad (Black)
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It's all about the compound! 
DAKINE Posi Traction stays sticky and grippy in icy water and won't rub your knees raw in warm tropical water. 
Our specially formulated EVA foam retains its specific density and 100% memory in any water temperature. 
We use only the best 3M PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) to insure that your pad will never peel off until you take it off.  

Only the best from DAKINE.  

  • Three piece pad
  • 10mm Center arch
  • 20mm Rolled tail kick
Learn More
Volcom Static Mod Mens Boardshort Gunmetal
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The Volcom Static Mod men's boardshort is a great 4 way stretch boardshort with a super quick dry material. This boardshort has a 19" outseam and is a gunmetal colorway. Learn More
O'Neill Squid Lid Surfing Hood
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This O'Neill Squid Lid surfing hood will keep you surfing longer and prevent the nasty winter time ice cream headache.


  • 100% Flex neoprene
  • wind resistant exterior
  • firewall interior
  • glued and blindstitched
  • uv protection
  • visor blocks sun and diverts water from eyes
Learn More
Channel Islands Two Tab Tech 3 Surfboard Fins
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Material: Proprietary Bi-axial Carbon/ Technora core provides engineered flex and reduces resin content and weight.

Performance: The uni-directional carbon allows for twists while maintaining stiffness. This combination of material and engineering provides the maximum pop and projection. Al's design creates drive from the rake and base, while allowing pivot with the narrow tips and smaller center fin.

Size: Large

Color: Blue Learn More
Hawaiian Gun Rack Surfboard Hanger Wall Rack
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Surfboard racks aren't just for your garage anymore. Gone is the day when you left your Greg Knoll Black Cat surfboard hanging in the rafters of the garage. Now almost 45 years from the initial boom of surfing in the late 1960's your 1946 Tom Blake paddleboard, or let's say a 1957 Velzy Pig are fast becoming collectable pieces of art.

The famous shapers of yesterday, like Robert August, Guy Takayama and David Sweet are building numbered "limited edition" surfboards for their customers who would rather hang the boards on the wall than surf them.

Chip Foose, with his flair for making vintage cars into modern day showcars is even designing snowboards. Burton, Arbor and Lost all use decorative elements that get their surfboards and snowboards noticed on the slopes, so why not put them on the wall for decoration. The storage problem no longer exists when you can find a really nice looking surfboard rack designed for the home like the Hawaiian Gun Rack that has a model to hang your surfboard just about anyway your imagination can come up with.

Hanging your everyday rider needs a special wall hanger. A lot of what's out there are simple "garage style" surfboard racks that will store any kind of board, but don't necessarily look good in your house or apartment and most can't pass the "wife friendly" test. Today's realization is getting your best friend to understand that these aren't just play things anymore, but collectable art pieces that warrant reverence over the mantel or couch. And with the right set up they can definately add to the decor of the home without giving it that "frat house" look.

Whether it's a surfboard, snowboard, skateboard, kiteboard, wakeboard, or any of the new style X-treme boards that are on the market there are several products to choose from and they all come down to personal taste and some basic logistics.

Approximate Height: 11 inches
Approximate Width: 8.5 inches


Learn More
Used 5'10 Ron Jon Surfboard
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This used 5'10 Ron Jon egg surfboard would be a great inexpensive board for someone trying to downsize to a smaller board.

Used Surfboard Details:
5'10 x 19.75 x 2.5
FCS fins (Not Included)
Rating (fair) Learn More
Future AM1 Thruster Surfboard Fin Set (Natural Composite)
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This AM1 Surfboard fin is one of Future Fins most popular templates. With a full base and a narrow tip, this template is perfect for the lighter surfer with a fast/loose style. This fin is made from Future's natural composite material.

Future Am1 Fin Details:

  • Outline: Al Merrick

  • Height: 4.50"

  • Base: 4.50"

  • Area: 14.84"

Learn More
Rip Curl 3/2 Flash Bomb 3/2 Zip Free Surfing Wetsuit (Black)
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The Rip Curl Flash Bomb 3/2mm surfing wetsuit is a zip free chest entry wetsuit. This suit is warm and incredibly stretchy, it is glued, blind stiched, & taped on the inside seams.

Flash Bomb Zip Free Details:
3/2mm Neoprene
Taped Seams (inside only)
Key Pocket (on Leg)
100% Stretch E4 Neoprene
Flash Lining (drys in 20 minutes) Learn More
Nixon Corporal Watch (Silver/Brown)
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The Nixon Corporal watch is a great everyday watch.

Nixon Corporal Details:

  • Movement: 3 hand Japanese movement.

  • Case: 48 mm custom stainless steel case with enamel fill crown and hardened mineral crystal.

  • Band: All Horween leather or canvas band with genuine leather backing and custom stainless steel buckle.


Learn More
Lost 6'4 Taj Whiplash Surfboard
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This 6'4 Lost Taj Whiplash is a super high performance shortboard.

Lost Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 19.38" x 2.56"
Future Fins (not included) Learn More
Q-cell Surfboard Repair Filler
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This Q-Cell surfboard foam filler is used for mixing with resin. This will make a light foam like consistency easy to reshape just like the inner foam of your surfboard. Learn More
Used 6'0 Lost Speed Demon 2 Surfboard
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This used 6' Lost Speed Demon 2 would make a great inexpensive first short board.

Used Surfboard Details:
6' x 18.63 x 2.25
FCS fins (not included)
Rating (fair) Learn More
Rip Curl Mens 3/2 Flash Bomb Plus Surfing Wetsuit
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The Flash Bomb Plus is the absolute ultimate in cold water performance wetsuits. New E4 Neoprene makes this suit 30% more flexibile and 20% lighter than E3. This suit has every high end feature you can imagine including Titanium Airlock E4. Learn More
Lost 6'0 Driver Surfboard
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This Lost Driver surfboard is a great all around high performance surfboard that isn't impossible to hop back on after riding your fish for a month in junk surf. This is a great surfboard for 2' mush surf and 6' macking waves. This board is designed to be ridden close to normal shortboard dimensions and has the wide point pushed back for quick tight turns.

Lost Driver Details:
6'0 x 19" x 2.38"
28.86 CL
FCS II Fins Learn More
Ocean and Earth Aircon Longboard Surf Bag
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The Ocean and Earth Aircon longboard surf bag is a great ventilated lightweight travel bag. This bag is great for both day use and travel. This bag will help protect your surfboard from sun damage and accidental bumps and dings. Learn More
Channel Islands 5'11 Girabbit surfboard
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This 5'11 Channel Islands Girabbit surfboard is Jordy Smith's model for better than average surf. This is a great all around shortboard for Chest to Double overhead punchy surf.

Channel Islands Girabbit Details:
5'11 x 18 7/8" x 2 3/8"
FCS Fins (not included)
27.8 Litres Learn More
Future Jordy Smith Thruster Surfboard Fins (Medium)
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These Future fins are Jordy Smith's template and are designed for a medium size surfer.

Jordy Smith Fin Details:

Size: M 145-195lbs
Material: Honeycomb
Base: 4.59"
Area: 14.85" Learn More
Used 5' Guy Okazaki Shortboard Surfboard
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This used 5' Guy Okazaki shortboard surfboard would be a great inexpensive board for a kid looking to downsize.

Used Surfboard Details:
5'0 X 11 1/4 X 1/34
fcs/3 fins (not included)
rating (shark chum) Learn More
Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Back Zip 3/2 Mens Wetsuit (Black)
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The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol surfing wetsuit offers performance, durability and a great value. The Dawn Patrol has been updated with E4 Neoprene in critical flex zones. This suit is 100% Superstretch. Learn More
Dakine Pro Comp 6ft Surfboard Leash
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The Dakine Pro Comp 6ft surfboard leash is a great light weight leash that will have minimal drag and is great for your everyday average surf conditions.

Low drag 3/16" urethane cord
Overmolded leash ends
Double swivels
Quick release 1 1/4" cuff
Triple wrap rail saver Learn More
Futures F8 HC Surfboard Fin Set
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The Future F8 HC surfboard fins are a great all around large fin template. These fins are made with futures honeycomb technology and are great for surfers in the 195lb+ range. Learn More
Carver Surfboard Bike Rack Max
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Hold surfboards up to 10' 

  • Mounts to Bike Frames
  • Tig Welded 6061 Alloy
  • No Rust
  • Fits Larger Boards
  • Great For Cruisers and Non-Suspension Bikes
All aluminum constructions are the Carver Surf Racks product. Born on the North Shore of Hawaii, Carver Surf Racks has evolved into the industry standard for bicycle, residential surfboard transportation and rack systems. Our new "Kompact System" is a feature not to be overlooked. It conveniently stows your surf rack out of the way when not in use....
Learn More
O'Neill Tropicamo Mens Hybrid Shorts
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The O'Neill Tropicamo men's hybrid shorts have a tropical all over camo print, and a 20" outseam. They are made from 53% cotton, 44% Nylon & 3% Elastane. Learn More
FCS Ultimate Surfboard Fin Tool
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Tired of those fin keys? This FCS fin tool is a must for the dedicated surfer. This FCS fin tool makes changing your fins a breeze and even will help you remove stripped out screws. This fin tool works with all fin systems and has bits to remove FCS, Futures, Lok Box, Longboard fins and more.


  • 1 x Phillips Screw Head
  • 1 x Flathead Screw Head
  • 1 x Easy Out Bit (for stripped screw removal)
  • 4 x FCS/Future fin key
Learn More
Rip Curl Mirage Cranking Mens Hybrid Walkshorts Black
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The Rip Curl Mirage Cranking men's hybrid walkshorts are great for both in and out of the water and make for a great active short. These Hybrid Shorts have a 21" length, are a 4 way stretch made from 91% poly, 9 % spandex, they also have mesh lined pockets. These shorts are a Black stripe colorway. Learn More
Sex Wax Box
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Keep your stuff clean and stash your sex wax in this awesome rubber box! Even comes with a wax comb!

Interior width: 3.25 inches by 1.25 inches deep

Learn More
Nurf 7'0 Shortboard Surfboard
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These Nurf surfboard are great for beginners and weekend warriors alike. They have firm bottoms with a soft deck. They will watch waves easily and will surf more like a fiberglass surfboard.

Surfboard Details:

Fins Included Learn More
Futures FEA Techflex RTM Surfboard Fins
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Outline: Eric Arakawa

Height: 4.57 in – 11.6 cm
Base: 4.40 in  – 11.2 cm
Area: 15.16 in² – 97.81 cm²

Time to drive into overtime. With a full base and a narrower tip, this fin throws buckets.

Techflex RTM
Techflex RTM combines various processing techniques to produce a strategically designed flex structure, created by a crescent shaped, carbon leading edge fin. The inlay of the two materials creates a torsional flex pattern for storing potential energy and releasing kinetic energy into whip-like turns. Light and strong, this highly designed fin has a patterned flex rebound to take your surfing to its full potential. Constantly pushing the envelope of what a fin should be and do.

Learn More
Lost 6'7 Sub Scorcher 2 Surfboard
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The Lost Sub Scorcher 2 surfboard is a fresh twist on the extremely popular Sub Scorcher model. The Vee bottom was removed from the last 6" of the tail which increases the rocker by about a 1/4" still keeping the rail line static. As a result the board surfs looser for better vertical and pocket surfing. To keep the board fast with lots of drive, Lost straightened the outline in the tail by adding the double wing swallow tail. This is a great everyman's daily average wave shortboard.

Lost Sub Scorcher 2 Details:
6'7 x 19.13 x 2.75
Fut fin Set-up Learn More
Rip Curl 4/3mm E-Bomb Chest Zip Surfing Wetsuit
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The Rip Curl E-Bomb 4/3mm surfing wetsuit provides the ultimate in flex and performance while maintaining durability.

Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuit Details:

4/3mm Neoprene
100% E4 stretch neoprene
Glued and Blindstitched
Internal E4 Tape
Chest Zip Entry
Key Pocket Learn More
Rip Curl Womens Dawn Patrol 4/3 Surfing Wetsuit (Blue)
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The Rip Curl Women's Dawn Patrol 4/3mm surfing wetsuit is a great priced, super stretchy suit that will keep you warm and surfing for hours. This wetsuit has a great female fit that will form to a woman's curves.

Wetsuit Details:

4/3mm Neoprene
Glued and Blind Stitched
Back Zip Entry
Blue Colorway Learn More
Macks Pillow soft Silicone Earplugs for Surfing
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The ultimate in earplug comfort, Mack's silicone putty molds to the unique contours of any ear. 

Doctor recommended to:

  • Seal out water

  • Help prevent swimmer's ear

  • Provide protection after surgeries

  • Help relieve flying discomfort

  • Protect hearing from loud noises

  • Provide non-toxic, non-allergenic protection

  • Provides a better, more comfortable fit and seal than custom ear plugs

2 Pairs & Carrying case included

Learn More
Hayden Shapes Love Buzz 5'10 Surfboard
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Love Buzz is a performance shortboard, described as the ‘Love Child’ of the Hypto Krypto and The Ando model. The design blends surface area, rocker and performance curves to create a very all-round, fast and flowing short board. It will always carry speed yet give you that sensitivity to surf in all areas of the wave.

Love Buzz Surfboard Details:
5'10 x 19 3/8" x 2 1/2"
Future Fins/ Thruster Setup (Not Included) Learn More
Nixon Lodown Tide Watch (Blue)
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The Nixon Lowdown tide watch is a great affordable watch with pre-programmed tide data. This watch will have you catching the surf just right and will keep your boss happy now that you show up on time.

Nixon Lodown Tide Watch Details:

  • Movement: Custom digital with pre-programmed tide information for over 200 beaches until 2020, Future tide, dual time, alarm, countdown timer, wave counter, chrono and light.

  • Case: Custom 100 meter fiber reinforced polycarbonate with raised bezel, direct tide pusher and treated acrylic crystal.

  • Band: Custom injected polyurethane with patented locking looper and stainless steel buckle.

Learn More
Used Cove 5'6 Grom Surfboard
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This used Cove surfboard is a great shortboard for a kid. This board is in fair condition and has 1 gash on the bottom of board that should be repaired.

Used Surfboard Details
5'6 x 17.5" x 2"
Future Fins (included)
Rating (fair) Learn More
Vivix Frontside Men's Tee (Indigo)
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This Vivix Frontside men's tailored fit tee is made from 100% cotton. Learn More
Used 7'8 Intelligent Funboard Surfboard
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This 7'8 Intelligent funboard is a hull style surfboard. It would make a great summer point break board.

Used Surfboard Details:
7'8 x 22" x 2.75"
Fins Included
Rating (fair) Learn More
Torq 7'6 Funboard Surfboard White Pinline
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If you're looking for a high volume, easy to ride surfboard that'll increase your wave count then this Torq Funboard is the board for you. This would also be a great choice for a beginner surfer.

7'6 Torq Surfboard Details:

7'2 x 21.5 x 2 7/8"

52.4 Cubic Litres

Future Fins (included)

2ft - 5ft+
Learn More
Used 6'2 Chas Shortboard Surfboard
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This used 6'2 Chas Shortboard surfboard is a great fuller volume shortboard that would be a great board for waist to head high surf.

Used Surfboard Details:
6'2 x 20.25 x 2.8
fcs/3 fin (no)
Rating (fair) Learn More
FCS 2 Accelerator Carbon Surfboard Fin
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The Accelerator Thruster from FCS 2 is designed as an oversized, all-around fin for a diverse range of surfers. It is a functional template with a flat foil on the side fins delivering fast, controlled directional changes. This fin was designed for surfers who like to attack the wave and surf with energy and power on critical parts of the wave.

Fin Details:
FCS 2 System
Accelerator Fins
Carbon Construction
Size Large Learn More
Rider Shack Light Weight Hoodie Sweatshirt (Grey Heather)
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This Rider Shack Surf Shop light weight hoodie sweatshirt is made from a cotton poly blend and has great soft feel like your favorite vintage sweatshirt. Learn More
FCS II Mick Fanning Thruster Surfboard Fins (M)
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These FCS II Mick Fanning surfboard fins are a medium template and designed to be used with the FCS II snap in fin system. These fins have a great combination of drive and release. Perfect for surfers in the 150-180lb weight range.

This package includes a thruster set of fins. Learn More
Future F4 Vector II Thruster Surfboard Fin Set
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This Future fin is an all around template for small to medium surf. The VII Foil gernerates lots of speed, perfect for in the pocket surfing 


Outline: D. Haut

MATERIAL: Natural Composite Molded-resin with long fiberglass matrix, this composite material fuses into a sensitive, snappy and lightweight fin that retains the proper flex pattern for performance.  Super light material that practically floats.

Height: 4.38 in,     11.10 cm
Base:    4.22 in,     10.70 cm
Area:  14.22 sq in, 91.74 sq cm

A vector Foil and Traditional Foil blend - takes the best speed generating attributes of the Vector foil (at the base) and transitions into a flat foil in the tip for a controlled release in critical turns.  Rusty and the pro team have helped develop this hybrid which keeps your surfing smooth and progressive.

Learn More

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