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Lost 5'3 Bean Bag Limited Edition Surfboard
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This Lost 5'3 Bean Bag surfboard is a limited edition 1 of 10 board signed by Matt Biolos, glassed & resin tinted by the Lucky Bastards. Each of the 10 boards is unique.

The Bean Bag

A radically extreme small wave concept! Based around maximum surface area for lift and stability in tiny surf. Balanced by a “double ender” outline and a tip to tail vee bottom, for forgiveness and on rail surfing in the smallest of waves. Similar to the Couch Potato, but with a wider tail and a lower overall rocker. It also features a flat (low center of gravity) and stable deck. This board is meant to be surfed very short. Unlike most extremely wide and short boards, it has the ability to be surfed aggressively from the tail, and up onto a rail, without sliding out…Get off the Couch, toss your LazyBoy and bust out the BeanBag!

Lost Bean Bag Details:
5'3 x 21.25" x 2.53"
33.5 Litres
Future Fins Learn More
Rip Curl Womens Flash Bomb 3MM Surfing Bootie
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These Rip Curl Flash bomb 3mm surfing booties are designed to dry fast, which means no more soggy booties in the morning. These surfing booties will protect your feet from rocks and keep your toes nice and toasty.

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Bootie Details:
3mm Neoprene
Hidden internal split toe
super soft sole
pull on heel strap
stitch less compression strap
E3+ Taping
Velcro Shaft Closure Learn More
Used 6'10 Reality Surfboard
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This used 6'10 Reality surfboard is in fair condition and would make a good starter shortboard

Used surfboard details:
6'10 x 19 7/16" x 2 7/16"
FCS Fins (not included)
Rating (fair) Learn More
DaKine Generator Surfboard Traction Pad (Lime)
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Fashion up your surfboard with this Generator Pad by DaKine!

Generator Traction Pad Details:
Five piece pad
10mm center arch
Vert wedge 25mm tail kick with beveled edges
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Used 5'11 Tokoro Surfboard
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This used 5'11 Tokoro surfboard is a great fuller volume shortboard perfect for average size surf.

Used Surfboard Details:
5'11 x 19 5/8" x 2 11/16"
Future Fins (not included)
Rating (good) Learn More
Torq Pink Funboard 7'2 Surfboard
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If you're looking for a high volume, easy to ride surfboard that'll increase your wave count then this Torq Longboard is the board for you. This would also be a great choice for a beginner surfer. This Torq surfboard has a Blue gloss finish.

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OAM 6' Surfboard Leash
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This On a Mission surfboard leash comes in some great colors to give your board that extra style. Choose from you favorite pros style or even choose Torey Meister's glow in the dark surfboard leash. Learn More
DaKine Breaker Surfboard Traction Pad (Lime/Black)
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Fashion up your surfboard with this Breaker Traction pad from DaKine!

Breaker Pad Details:
Two piece pad
No arch
20mm rolled tail kick with beveled edges Learn More
FCS II Carver Quad Rear Surfboard Fins (Medium)
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The FCS II Carver quad rear surfboard fins are designed for powerful high speed turns. They have a 50/50 foil for stability and control, and work best with narrow tail boards. Learn More

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