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FCS 6ft Premium Surfboard Leash
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This FCS Surfboard leash is perfect for surfboards 6'6" and shorter. This leash is perfect for surfing waves 1-2 feet over head and smaller.


  • Deluxe Padded High Density neoprene ankle starp

  • 360 degree flexible horn to eliminate point pressure on ankle area


  • Specifically engineered high strength urethane cord

  • Double hardened swivels

  • Extra strong rip and grip velcro

FCS Leash Length & Thickness

  • 6 feet

  • Cord thickness regular 7mm

  • Wave Size 2-8 feet

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Billabong Spinner Prints Mens Boardshorts Red
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The Billabong Spinner men's boardshort is a cotton polyester stretch horizontal striped surf trunk with a floral print. These boardshorts have a soft feel, are 19" long and have side pockets. Made from 51% cotton, 43% poly, & 6% spandex. Learn More
Lost Total Control Scorcher Surfboard Traction Pad (Pink)
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This Lost Total Control Scorcher surfboard traction pad is a 3 piece pad with a medium arch support. The colorway is Pink Checker. Learn More
FCS Simon Anderson SA-2 Performance Core Quad Surfboard Fin Set Large
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25 years after designing the thruster, Simon Anderson is producing quads. These FCS Quad Surfboard fins are for his small wave quad boards. Both the front and rear fins have proportionally the same outline resulting in superior handling, speed and control. The Medium template will suit small to medium surfers while the Large template will cater for larger surfers. Learn More
Lost Total Control Driver Surfboard Traction Pad (Red)
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This Lost Total Control Driver surfboard traction pad is a 3 piece pad with a medium arch. Colorway is Red stripe. Learn More
OAM 6' Surfboard Leash
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This On a Mission surfboard leash comes in some great colors to give your board that extra style. Choose from you favorite pros style or even choose Torey Meister's glow in the dark surfboard leash. Learn More
Dakine Hobgood Surfboard Traction Pad (Charc/Red)
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This Dakine surfboard traction pad is the Hobgood model and is designed for the surfer that doesn't want an arch. This pad is back to the basics a 2 piece flat pad with tons of grip.

Dakine surfboard traction pad details:

  • 2 piece pad

  • no arch

  • 20mm rolled kick tail

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Used 5'11 Channel Islands Fred Rubble Surfboard
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This used 5'11 Fred Rubble is a great all around shortboard surfboard.

Used Surfboard Details:
5'11 x 19" x 2 2/16"
FCS Fins (not included)
Rating (good) Learn More
FCS Knubster VS Surfboard Fin
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The FCS VS KNUBSTER is essentially a centre fin that can be added to any quad set-up. The fin will increase drive and provide directional control through turns, without sacrificing speed, flow, or the freedom of movement typically associated with a quad.

The “KNUBSTER” is designed with a single tab that allows the fin to be positioned in the forward and rear centre plug to cater for the individual drive requirements of each surfer.

The FCS VS KNUBSTER, which is 3 3/4” by 2” high, was the 5th fin Kelly Slater used in his boards during the Quiksilver Pro in New York. According to Kelly’s report, “The KNUBSTER makes your quad set-up feel faster, smoother, and it adds a little more control. It just tightens everything it up a bit”.

Interestingly Kelly was riding the FCS VS KNUBSTER when he scored his two 10 point rides in 2011. The first at the Quiksilver Pro in NY where he performed one of the best airs ever seen in competition, and the second at The Rip Cur Pro in Portugal in heaving barrels.

Adding the FCS VS KNUBSTER to your quad set-up is an affordable way to add a new dimension

to your surfing. FCS recommends using the fin with the FCS K2.1 Quad.

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Billabong Method Mens Boardshorts Neon Red
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The Billabong Method men's boardshorts are made with Billabong's Platinum X 4 way stretch material, they are a super stretchy quick dry board short that are great for surfing. These boardshorts have a 20" outseam and are made from 87% recycled Poly, 13% spandex. Learn More
Rip Curl Maverick Womens L/S Rashguard (Pink)
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This Rip Curl Maverick long sleeve women's rashguard is a great stylish surf top that will provide sun protection and keep you out in the water longer. 50+ UPF Protection, Performance Fit, 91% Nylon 9% Spandex, Flatlock Stitch Learn More
FCS G-XQ Performance Core Surfboard Trailer Fins Red
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These FCS GX Fins work great as trailing fins for a quad setup or a longboard fin. These Are constructed from FCS performance core material.
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Lost Easy Goes Mens Boardshorts Red
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The Lost Easy Goes men's boardshort is a classic feeling super suede surf trunk. These boardshorts have a side pocket and are a 20" length. Learn More
Rip Curl Womens Flash Bomb 3MM Surfing Bootie
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These Rip Curl Flash bomb 3mm surfing booties are designed to dry fast, which means no more soggy booties in the morning. These surfing booties will protect your feet from rocks and keep your toes nice and toasty.

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Bootie Details:
3mm Neoprene
Hidden internal split toe
super soft sole
pull on heel strap
stitch less compression strap
E3+ Taping
Velcro Shaft Closure Learn More
RFC Rusty 4.6" Future Surfboard Fins
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These Rainbow Fin Co. fins are a Rusty 4.6" medium sized fin template with a Future fin base. These fins are made from fiberglass. Learn More
Used 6'8 Modern Blackfish Surfboard
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This Modern 6'8 Blackfish surfboard is brand new but was damaged in shipping so it is being sold as used. This board has been professionally fixed.

Used surfboard details:
6'8 x 21.5" x 2 7/8"
FCS Fins (not included)
Rating (New) Learn More
DaKine Eric Geiselman Surfboard Traction Pad (Red)
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Fashion up your surfboard with this Eric Geiselman Traction Pad by DaKine!

DaKine Pad Details:
DAKINE Posi Traction stays sticky and grippy in icy water and won't rub your knees raw in warm tropical water. The specially formulated EVA foam retains its specific density and 100% memory in any water temperature. Dakine use only the best 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to insure that your pad will never peel off until you take it off. Learn More
Channel Islands Two Tab Tech 1 Surfboard Fins
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Material: Time-tested polyester resin and fiberglass construction. Unique core construction reduces resin content and weight.

Performance: Our proprietary fiberglass weave and orientation is designed for maximum response and performance in a fiberglass fin. Al's design creates drive from the rake and base, while allowing pivot with the narrow tips and smaller center fin.

Color: Red

Size: L Learn More

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