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Future Fins QD2 4.0 Techflex Quad Trailer Fins
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These Future QD2 4.0 Quad Trailing fins are made from Future Fins tech flex material and have a shallow 1/2" box size for a surfboards quad trailing fins.

Fin Details
4" tall from top of base
Single Foiled Learn More
Watershot Buoyant Lanyard
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If you become separated from your Watershot® for iPhone housing, the Watershot® Buoyant Lanyard ensures it will be safely floating on the water’s surface. Easy to install onto your housing, this accessory will provide you additional peace of mind. Learn More
Used 6'4 Bottom Feeder
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This used 6'4 Bottom Feeder is in good condition and would make a great big guy small wave board.

Used Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 23 x 2.75
Future 5 fin setup (Included)
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FCS Stretch Thruster/Quad Performace Core Surfboard 5 Fin Set
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This FCS 5 fin Surfboard fin set can be used as a quad or a thruster. It was designed by William “Stretch” Riedel.
Features a moderate inside foil along a wide base, which generates signifi cant speed
from the initial turn, and a neutral foil along a thin, flat tip. At low speeds, the ample
surface area in the tip provides power, giving you the ability to generate speed with ease.

Performance Core
Performance Core material and construction is designed to deliver the feeling of a tradtional glass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. The result is a lightweight fin with remarkable flex, a smooth feel and an impressive aesthetic.

Base: 4.48” 114mm
Depth: 4.48” 114mm
Area: 15.15”2 9776mm2
Sweep: 30.5°

Base: 3.88” 98mm
Depth: 3.80” 96mm
Area: 11.22”2 7238mm2
Sweep: 30.7°

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Used 6'2 Lost Driver Surfboard
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This lost 6'2 Driver surfboard is a great fuller volume shortboard surfboard.

Used Surfboard Details:
6'2 x 19.25" x 2.44"
Glass-on fins
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Nixon Supertide Yellow Watch
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The Nixon Supertide surfing watch is a made with super comfy silicone straps so you hardly notice its on. This watch has pre programed tide data and gives sunrise and sunset. This watch will keep you on time to work and help you choose the best time to surf. Learn More
Creatures of Leisure Dusty Payne Yellow Purple Surfboard Traction Pad
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Dusty Payne Creatures of Leisure traction pad.


  • Square lock pattern

  • 30mm ramp kicktail

  • 7mm tear drop arch bar

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Used 6'4 JP Surfboard
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This used 6'4 JP surfboard is a great shortboard that is in fair condition.

Used Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 19 3/4 x 2 5/8
FCS fins (not included)
Rating (fair)
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Futures F4 Techflex Surfboard Fin Set
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An all around template, works great in most conditions. Perfect for lighter riders and loose for heavier riders.

Height: 4.38 in,      11.10 cm
Base:   4.22 in,      10.70 cm
Area:  14.22 sq in, 91.74 sq cm

Techflex RTM
Techflex RTM combines various processing techniques to produce a strategically designed flex structure, created by a crescent shaped, carbon leading edge fin. The inlay of the two materials creates a torsional flex pattern for storing potential energy and releasing kinetic energy into whip-like turns. Light and strong, this highly designed fin has a patterned flex rebound to take your surfing to its full potential. Constantly pushing the envelope of what a fin should be and do.


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Used 6'3 Channel Islands M4 Surfboard
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This used Channel Islands 6'3 M4 surfboard would make a great step up shortboard.

Used Surfboard Details:
6'3 x 18.75" x 2.3"
Future Fins (not included)
Rating (fair/good) Learn More
Lost 5'9 RV Surfboard
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This Lost 5'9 RV surfboard has a rad resin tint and would make a great wave catching machine for extra wave count.

Lost RV Details:
5'9 x 21.5" x 2.5"
34.99 Litres
FCS II Fins Learn More

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