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Future Fins QD2 4.15 Honeycomb Quad Trailer Fins
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These Future QD2 4.15 Quad Trailing fins are made from Future Fins Honeycomb material and have a shallow 1/2" box size for a surfboards quad trailing fins.

Fin Details
4.15" tall from top of base
Double Foiled Learn More
FCS 7" Kai Sallas Longboard Fin (Smoke)
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The FCS Kai Sallas longboard fin is a high perormance longboard template. This fin has extra length at the base of the trailing edge adding more hold and drive. The base quickly narrows towards the tip for acute directional changes. This fin has a stiff base with smooth flex through the top third of the fin. This fin is ideal for 2+1 fin setups. Learn More
FCS 9" Fatboy Longboard Fin
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The FCS Fatboy longboard surf fin is designed for on rail performance and nose riding. The thick foil in the base and tip is seperated by a thin foil section through the middle. The bulb like tip holds the tail of the surfboard in the water for nose riding. Learn More
FCS 9" Hatchet Longboard Fin
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The FCS Hatchet longboard fin is well suited for old style mals with soft rolled tail edges, and modern nose rider mals. The large surface area and upright shape proivides added drive, promotes a longer turning arc, and helps hold the tail in when nose riding. Learn More
FCS 8.5" Ezi Trim Longboard Fin
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The FCS Ezi Trim longboard surfing fin is ideal for performance longboarding. The depth of the fin noticeably improves nose riding on modern high performance longboards. The reduced area gives the surfboard more manoeuvrability and greater speed. The notch improves flex in the tip providing more forgive-ness in tight arcs. Learn More
FCS 10" Dolphin Performance Glass Longboard Fin
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The FCS Dolphin Perfomance Core longboard fin is a great lightweight fin. This fin has a stiff carbon base with great flex through the top third of the fin. This fin will have great performance and quick response in the water, Learn More
Future HC Quad Trailer Fins
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These Future HC quad surfboard trailer fins are made from honeycomb and are made to fit in a shallow 1/2" fin box. This includes a set of 2 fins.

Fin Height: 3.75"
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Future Tokoro RTM Thruster Surfboard Fins
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This Future fin is shaped by Wade Tokoro. Its wide base with a narrower tip makes this fin a standard for high performance surfing. This fin is made from Future's RTM technology.

Lightweight foam hex core glass fin that has the look and feel of a glass-on fin. Engineered with a medium flex pattern. Great for all conditions.

Future Tokoro Fin Details:

  • Height: 4.53"

  • Base: 4.49"

  • Area: 15.10"

  • Hold: Maximum

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Future Controller Quad Fin Set
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The Controller is ideal for performance retro quads or any wide tail fish quads. The V2 low aspect front fin and high aspect Futures tow foil rear fin deliver the perfect balance. While youre fishing at your local break or surfing that high performance line at J-Bay the name says it all...Total Control!

Futures offers you the state of the art fiberglass fins with our renowned foil technology for the classic ride. Our unique lay-up method creates a sensitive fin with a natural, progressive flex pattern.

Fin Details:

Front Fins

Height: 4.50"

Base: 5.05"

Area: 18.24"

Back Fins

Height: 4.53"

Base: 3.89"

Area: 12.06"

Learn More
DaKine GPE Surfboard Traction Pad (Smoke)
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Fashion up your surfboard with this GPE Traction pad from DaKine!

GPE Pad Details:
Three piece pad
10mm Center arch
25mm Rolled tail kick Learn More

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