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Lost Grinder 6'6 Surfboard

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Short n wide…with tons of glide. The “V2-Grinder” is a V2-SB squished into a stubby, squatty little firecracker. First built for a few of my “Domestic” buddies whose surfing can be described as “ former pro level, now grown up, with kids and a job, surfing crappy beach breaks with my kids…whenever I get a chance”. Pleasantly surprised by rave reviews from the older, local heroes, we placed a few under the feet of some WCT and QS “Grinders”. Ends up, the board is a superb small wave contest machine. With the likes of Carissa Moore and other world class competitors using them in lackluster conditions to great success, we included it in the line. To the V2s distinctive low entry and noticeable tail lift, we married an outline that resembles the classic Sub Scorcher. The wide tail block provides drive, lift and a stable platform in meager conditions. The short rail line and healthy amount of tail lift (paired with full and forgiving rails) still permeate the water and allow proper rail turns in small, tight, quirky shore pound. Don’t be afraid to go Short n fat with this one!

Lost Grinder Surfboard Details:
6'6 x 21.25" x 2 7/8"
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Rusty 5'10 Panda Surfboard

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This Rusty surfboard is what William Cardoso , aka Panda , rides in competition. Panda is a heavy surfer , 200 lbs , yet very powerful , throws buckets of water on every turn. He needs something to float him but still be a high performance surfboard. Good amount of rocker combined with a expressive single concave plus a kick in the last 3 inches of the tail; All that combined enable William to go vertical in tight arcs. The board has a curvy outline , a pronounced bump and a not so wide squash. The rails are tapered to sink in the water for powerful turns, keeping the thickness at the center with an accentuated dome deck. For waves waist high to double overhead.

Rusty Panda Surfboard Details:

5'10 x 20.13" x 2.65"
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Torq 6'10'' Fish Surfboard

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With a shape that’s more today than yesterday, our modern “fish” design is built for speed. Excelling in chest to overhead high waves, it performs on those hollow, glassy days, yet enjoys mushy, sloppy and less than perfect conditions too.

Comprised of a full nose and wide mid, with clean balanced curves that blend into a swallow tail. The bottom contours through single to double concave with a lightly flipped nose. Tune to your taste with Tri-Quad option.

Surfboard Details:

6'10'' x 21 3/4'' x 2 3/4''
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3 Item(s)

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