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GoPro Suction Cup Camera Mount
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Attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more. This industrial-strength Suction Cup mount is proven at speeds of 150+ mph and engineered for stability and a broad range of motion. Adjustable arms allow for ultra-compact mounting. Includes a standard base and a quick release base for moving conveniently between shots and locations. For maximum holding strength, attach to a clean surface. Learn More
FCS H-3 Nexus Thruster Surfboard Fin Set (large)
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The FCS H-3 NEXUS surfboard fin features TRICOIL technology, a dynamic flex pattern that effectively stores and releases energy as the surfer transitions from one turn into the next. This transition between turns is where most surfers struggle to maintain speed. FCS has solved this problem by designing a fin with a highly efficient template, material stability, minimal drag characteristics, and above all, unparalleled flex properties. From the moment you ride the FCS H-3 NEXUS you’ll realize this fin has something special. Whether your surfing tight in the pocket or carving on the open face, you can surf confidently knowing all the elements of the fin are working in synergy to deliver the ultimate advantage, more speed. The performance of the H-3 Nexus is seamless; yet quite deliberate in the way it feels. Learn More
Dakine Pro Comp 6ft Surfboard Leash
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The Dakine Pro Comp 6ft surfboard leash is a great light weight leash that will have minimal drag and is great for your everyday average surf conditions.

Low drag 3/16" urethane cord
Overmolded leash ends
Double swivels
Quick release 1 1/4" cuff
Triple wrap rail saver Learn More
DAKINE Andy Irons Pro Surfboard Traction Pad (Black)
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It's all about the compound! 
DAKINE Posi Traction stays sticky and grippy in icy water and won't rub your knees raw in warm tropical water. 
Our specially formulated EVA foam retains its specific density and 100% memory in any water temperature. 
We use only the best 3M PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) to insure that your pad will never peel off until you take it off.  

Only the best from DAKINE.  

  • Three piece pad
  • 10mm Center arch
  • 20mm Rolled tail kick
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Rip Curl 3mm Flash Bomb Surfing Bootie
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These Rip Curl Flash bomb 3mm surfing booties are designed to dry fast, which means no more soggy booties in the morning. These surfing booties will protect your feet from rocks and keep your toes nice and toasty.

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Bootie Details:

  • 3mm Neoprene

  • Hidden internal split toe

  • super soft sole

  • pull on heel strap

  • stitchless compression strap

  • E3+ Taping

  • Velcro Shaft Closure

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FCS 6ft Competition Surfboard Leash
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The FCS Surfboard competition Leash is designed for smaller waves or the surfer that doesn't want to notice the drag of a regular size leash. 


  • Deluxe Padded High Density neoprene ankle starp

  • 360 degree flexible horn to eliminate point pressure on ankle area


  • Specifically engineered high strength urethane cord

  • Double hardened swivels

  • Extra strong rip and grip velcro

FCS Leash length & thickness

  • 6 feet

  • Cord thickness competition 5.5mm

  • wave size 0-4 feet

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Rip Curl Reefer Split Toe Surfing Bootie
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The Rip Curl Reefer surfing bootie is a split tow surfing bootie designed to protect your feet from sharp rocks and reef. This bootie is 1.5mm and is not designed for warmth, it is designed to keep your feet safe from the reef.

Mesh Water Flow Panels
Compression Strap
Barrel Lock Closure
Coral Proof Sole
Pull On Heel Strap Learn More
FCS T-1 Black Surfboard Traction Pad
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The new FCS surfboard traction range has raised the bar on surfboard traction by focusing 100% on functionality & performance driven features.  All pads feature a combination of a thermoformed dimpled surface and a clearly defined groove pattern, allowing your feet to sink into the grip & lock into the traction.  All tractions have a groove at the base of the kick to assist the adhesive bond and prevent the kick from peeling up.  The lightweight packaging also comes complete with a spare FCS key.
T-1 features:
  • 3piece pad
  • FCS Plug Protection- carbon fiber plug protectors and extended body length helps to eliminate heel & toe depressions, particularly around the plug areas.
  • Gridlock groove pattern- a more spaced tread to allow your feet to sink closer to the board.  Componded with a dimpled surface on the tread to create an extremely textured feel.
  • Multi-directional groove patterns respond to the different forces generated between the surfer and the board.  The center panel faces forward and the side panels direct inwards so the traction pushes back against your feet during normal movements.
  • Spine, ergonomic arch.
  • Luna rounded performance kick


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Rip Curl Cambridge Mens Black Watch
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On point with the current trends, the Cambridge is completely full of style and character. It also comes in a number of colorful options with an interchangeable nylon strap so you can create multiple color combos. It uses a 40mm lightweight & high-impact ABS plastic case, is water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet), and is backed with a 5 year limited warranty. Learn More
FCS T-5 Black Surfboard Traction Pad
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This FCS traction pad will help you keep your foot planted on your board and your board launching out of turns and busting the lip.


  • 3 piece pad
  • Compound gridlock groove on critical rear side zones
  • thinner, softer lighter low density EVA foam
  • multi directional traction
  • sensor cut outs
  • sabre arch with ridge cut outs
  • swiss kick
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Tom's Black Woolen Womens Classics
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We all need cold-weather staples that are cute, comfortable and cozy. A rich black wool upper and toasty fleece liner accomplishes the trifecta quite nicely.


TOMS toe-stitch, and elastic V for easy on and off
TOMS classic suede insole with cushion for comfort
Latex arch insert for added support
One-piece outsole for flexibility and durability Learn More
FCS 9ft Premium Longboard Surfboard Leash (Calf Cuff)
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This FCS longboard surfboard leash is perfect for surfboards 9'6 and shorter it is great for day to day performance and strength. This leash is perfect for surfing waves 1-2 feet over head and smaller.


  • Deluxe Padded High Density neoprene ankle starp

  • 360 degree flexible horn to eliminate point pressure on ankle area


  • Specifically engineered high strength urethane cord

  • Double hardened swivels

  • Extra strong rip and grip velcro

FCS Leash Length & Thickness

  • 9 feet

  • Calf Cuff

  • Cord thickness regular 7mm

  • Wave Size 2-8 feet

  • Stainless Steel Swivels

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Futures Lost C3 Cork Surfboard Fins
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From ...Lost Master Shaper Matt Biolos:
"In developing the C3 Carbon Cork Composite line of surfboards over the last couple years, I became somewhat enamored with cork as a material. In conjunction of launching these boards, in a limited manner, globally, in 2015, we wanted to create something special to go with them. I approached Futures with the idea of a cork core fin combined with carbon fiber. They jumped at the idea and produced this wonderful set of fins. They have a firm base with a forgiving, flexible tip, and are as light as any other composite fins. It just looks and feels good to bring a natural material into the guts of the fin, versus the typical honeycomb core."

• Height: 4.56"
• Base: 4.35"
• Area: 15.12"

Medium - recommended for surfers 145 lbs - 195 lbs (65 kg - 88 kg).

• Epoxy Resin
• Sustainable Cork Core
• 3K Carbon

Flat Foil:
Flat foiled fins break free sooner, and are better at controlling speed. Often surfers prefer them in fast powerful surf where they do not need to create additional speed. Learn More
Reef Fanning Black Mens Sandals
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This Reef Flip Flop is great for comfort and for function. Never get stranded again without a bottle opener this flip flop has one built in to the bottom of each sandal.


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