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Lost 6'2 Sub Scorcher 2 Diamond Surfboard

Regular Price: $710.00

Special Price: $610.00

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The Lost Sub Scorcher 2 surfboard is a fresh twist on the extremely popular Sub Scorcher model. The Vee bottom was removed from the last 6" of the tail which increases the rocker by about a 1/4" still keeping the rail line static. As a result the board surfs looser for better vertical and pocket surfing. To keep the board fast with lots of drive, Lost straightened the outline in the tail by adding the double wing swallow tail. This is a great everyman's daily average wave shortboard.

Lost Sub Scorcher 2 Details:
6'2 x 20.25 x 2.63"
35.28 cL
FUT/ 5 Fin Set-up (fins not included) Learn More
Lost 5'10 Round Up Surfboard

Regular Price: $670.00

Special Price: $595.00

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The Round Up is a step up board designed for head high to head low conditions, similar to the Rock Up The low entry rocker, flat deck and tapered rails (with a full forward outline) paddles through crowds and moving water, and catches waves with ease.

Round Up Surfboard Details:
5'10 x 19" x 2.32"
FUT/5 Fin Setup (Not Included)
27.62 cL Learn More
Maurice Cole 5'10 Hipster T Hydroflex Surfboard

Regular Price: $718.95

Special Price: $618.95

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This Maurice Cole Hipster T surfboard is a great full volume hybrid surfboard that will work great in small to medium surf. This surfboard is made from Hydroflex's epoxy technology.

Maurice Hipster T Details:
5'10 x 22" x 2 7/8"
42.92 Litres
FCS Fins (not included)
Hydroflex Epoxy Learn More
Channel Islands 5'10 High 5 Surfboard

Regular Price: $715.00

Special Price: $615.00

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This 5'10 Channel Islands High 5 surfboard is a great high performance fish shaped board. This surfboard is great for everyday average surf and will make surfing average surf super fun.

Channel Islands High 5 Details:
5'10 X 20.5" X 2.75"
Future Fins (Not included)
36 Litres Learn More
Lost 5'7'' Split Tail RV Shortboard Surfboard

Regular Price: $795.00

Special Price: $695.00

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The Split Diamond tail has been growing in popularity among many shapers lately. Lost became interested in it as soon as they saw them first on boards like Tomos and Mandellas a few years ago. Adding this tail to the R.V. creates a longer, straighter rail line in the back half of the board….generating more drive off the tail. The surface area is increased, adding more lift, the notched out “split” gives a little bite and release to hold in and bleed some speed. As a fresh twist update to an already popular board, The Split Tail R.V. is as equally fun and squirty in small, connect the dot, gutless dribble as it is effective in high-lining and down carving arcs across long speedy walls.

Surfboard Details:

Lost 5'7'' Split Tail RV Surfboard
5'7'' x 20.95'' x 2.30''
31.67 Liters
Future Fins (not included) Learn More
Lost 5'10'' EZ UP Shortboard Surfboard

Regular Price: $720.00

Special Price: $620.00

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This one comes from personal experience. Back to Fall 2012. Matt Biolos had been surfing The LazyBoy and Couch Potato as a one/two punch around home all summer. As the winter swells started lining up, he soon realized that these boards were not going to cut it, unless he wanted to spend my winter surfing between swells and in shadow blocked SC. So, starting with his trusty 6’0 LazyBoy, he stretched it to 6’2”, pulled in the width a bit, added a little more bend through the length of the board (with some flip tip for steeps and late drops) and finally…most noticeably, a re-templated rear half of the board into a conservative, surface area reducing, rounded pin tail.

Surfboard Details:

Lost 5'10'' EZ UP
5'10'' x 20.5'' x 2.56''
34.10 Liters
FCS II Fins (included) Learn More
Rusty 5'10 Rooster Surfboard

Regular Price: $700.00

Special Price: $600.00

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The Rusty Rooster surfboard came about because of a “what if “conversation with some of the team. It was loosely based on the Hustler. Rusty changed the outline, rocker and venturi configuration, so that the board would fit better in rounder waves but still retain its performance in everyday surf. P.S. it was named after an enormous Jersey Giant Rooster who claims every morning…. loudly!!!!

Rusty Rooster Surfboard Details:

5'10 x 19.87" x 2.35"
30.1 Litres Learn More
Used 5'10" Kadowaki Pintail Surfboard
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This Used 5'10" Kadowaki pintail surfboard is a great small wave board for those small summer days.

Used Surfboard Details:

5'10" x 20" x 3"
FCS Fins (not included)
Rating (good) Learn More

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