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Lost 6'1 Sub Buggy Surfboard
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This Lost 6'1 Sub Buggy is a fuller volume shortboard for smaller surf. This board has the outline of the Sub Driver with the bottom of the Beach Buggy.

Lost Sub Buggy Details:

6'1 x 19.25" x 2.32
Future Fins
29.12 CL
Fins Included Learn More
Lost 6'2 Taj Whiplash Surfboard

Regular Price: $618.95

Special Price: $499.95

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Using the classic “Whiplash” model as a starting point, this board has now become the most refined and streamlined design in Lost’s line. Based off of TBs winning board from the 2012 Quiksilver Pro (Snapper Rocks) it is relatively low volume board , with continuous rocker (to fit where ever TB wants to go on the wave) and deep concaves (for lift and the speed to get there ). A relaxed central rocker maintains speed and carry through the flats, while hyper-extended tail kick in the last 16” and a moderately lifted nose keep the board free, loose and responsive. The outline also has an aggressive, continuous curve , cutting out all the unneeded surface area, thus no hip or bump in front of the fins that most of our boards feature. The nose, while not as needle or narrow as in the past, is still pulled enough to not get in the way of TBs fast and critical, tight radius turns. Although not for everyone, this board is relatively easy to ride and is best for younger and fit surfers who are above average, have no problem creating their own speed, and surf regularly in punchy beach or decent quality point breaks and want to surf as critical and radical as possible.

Taj Whiplash Details:
6'2 x 18.88 x 2.93
28.91 CL
FCS Thruster Fin Set-up
Fins Not Included Learn More
FCS 9ft Premium Longboard Surfboard Leash (Calf Cuff)
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This FCS longboard surfboard leash is perfect for surfboards 9'6 and shorter it is great for day to day performance and strength. This leash is perfect for surfing waves 1-2 feet over head and smaller.


  • Deluxe Padded High Density neoprene ankle starp

  • 360 degree flexible horn to eliminate point pressure on ankle area


  • Specifically engineered high strength urethane cord

  • Double hardened swivels

  • Extra strong rip and grip velcro

FCS Leash Length & Thickness

  • 9 feet

  • Calf Cuff

  • Cord thickness regular 7mm

  • Wave Size 2-8 feet

  • Stainless Steel Swivels

Learn More
Lost 5'6 Couch Potato Surfboard
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This 5’6 couch potato would be a great summer board. Fat, Flat and fun. This board catches waves easily and generates speed right from the take off. All around fun small wave surfboard. Works great in 0-4 ft surf.

Couch Potato Surfboard Details:
5'6 x 21.5 x 22.34
FUTURE 5 fin setup
33.43 CL Learn More
Komunity Clay Marzo Surfboard Traction Pad (Grey/Black)
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Fashion up your surfboard with this Clay Marzo signature Traction Pad!

Traction Pad Details:
Three Piece Pad
14" / 330mm Long
Elevated Squre Traction Grip
6mm Arch
20mm Kick
Lightech Traction Pad Learn More
Nixon Lodown Tide Watch (Silver)
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The Nixon Lowdown tide watch is a great affordable watch with pre-programmed tide data. This watch will have you catching the surf just right and will keep your boss happy now that you show up on time.

Nixon Lodown Tide Watch Details:

  • Movement: Custom digital with pre-programmed tide information for over 200 beaches until 2020, Future tide, dual time, alarm, countdown timer, wave counter, chrono and light.

  • Case: Custom 100 meter fiber reinforced polycarbonate with raised bezel, direct tide pusher and treated acrylic crystal.

  • Band: Custom injected polyurethane with patented locking looper and stainless steel buckle.

Learn More
Guy Okazaki Mush Crusher 6'4 Surfboard
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This brand new Guy Okazaki 6'4 Mush Crusher surfboard is a high performance fun board with a lot of volume, good for smaller waves. It would also be a great beginner board for a smaller surfer.

Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 21.5 x 2.75
Future fins (Not Included)
Learn More
Maurice Cole 6'0 Hipster T Surfboard

Regular Price: $695.00

Special Price: $590.00

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Maurice Cole's new small wave surfboard machine. This board is has a really wide nose and Maurice Cole's favorite Swat tail. guaranteed to bring fun back to small wave surfing!

Maurice Cole Details:
6'0 x 22.75 x 2.75
Future 5 Fin Set-up
Future Fins Included
Learn More
Ding All Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit
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This Ding All epoxy surfboard repair kit has the basics included for doing minor repairs on your epoxy surfboard.

Ding All Epoxy Kit Details:

  • 3oz Epoxy Resin

  • 4oz fiberglass cloth

  • sanding pad

  • mixing sticks & cup

Learn More
Lost V3 Rocket 6' Surfboard
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This board is Easy to paddle and surf in small or crowded conditions. The V3-Rockets higher performance characteristics in relation the other Rockets (and their wide tails) makes it the “fishy” board for guys who don’t ride fish!

Lost V3 Rocket Surfboard Details:
6' x 20.25 x 2.56
FCS2/5 Fin Setup
34.48 cL Learn More
Komunity Nikki Van Dijk Surfboard Traction Pad (Black)
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This Komunity surfboard traction pad is Team rider Nikki Van Dijk's signature pad. This traction is a 3 piece pad with a center arch bar and a gradual heel kick. Learn More
Creatures of Leisure Double Soft Car Surfboard Racks
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These Creature of Leisure Soft surfboard roof racks are a great affordable way to strap your surfboard to your car with out an existing roof rack.

Double Soft Roof Rack FEATURES


• world"s most advanced 'through the door' soft rack system
• fits most cars
• available in both single and double models
• super strong metal buckles
• military grade webbing straps
• durable, cushioned pads sit between boards & car roof
• neoprene sleeves cover buckles to protect board & car
• in sturdy, re-usable carry bag

Learn More
Lost V2 Domesticated 6' Surfboard
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The Lost V2 Domesticated Shortboard surfboard is a great performance shortboard with a little more volume. This is great for smaller conditions or for the surfer that wants a full volume everyday shortboard.

Lost V2 Domesticated Shortboard details:
6' x 20" x 2.5"
FCS Fins
32.1 CL Learn More
Lost Total Control V2 Surfboard Traction Pad (Black)
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This Lost Total Control V2 surfboard traction pad is a split 2 piece pad with a flat arch. The colorway is Charcoal/Black Learn More
Ocean & Earth Aircon Shortboard Surf Bag
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The Ocean & Earth Aircon shortboard surf bag is a great ventilated lightweight travel bag. This bag is great for both day use and travel. This bag will help protect your surfboard from sun damage and accidental bumps and dings. Learn More
Channel Islands 5'10 Fred StubbleSurfboard
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A Fred Rubble condensed in a shorter and wider package. Made for surfing in sub-chest high conditions, the Stubble boasts a wider nose and tail, reduced nose and tail rocker, single entry concave with magnified double barrel concave through the fins and vee upon exit. The design change produced a board that stays on rail even in flat spots, glides over reo sections, draws tight arcs in the smallest pockets, and paddles like a board 3” longer.

Surfboard Details:
5'10 x 19 1/8 x 2 3/8
FCS 5 Fin Set-up
Fins Not Included Learn More
Rip Curl 3mm Rubber Soul Surfing Split Toe Bootie
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The new Rubber Soul boot has been dipped in liquid neoprene, creating the ultimate in-seam sealing technology. The result? More Warmth, durability, flexibility, and simplicity. This is the ultimate surfing boot.

Learn More
Guy Okazaki 9'0 G-9 Longboard Surfboard
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This Guy Okazaki Longboard surfboard is a great small to medium wave board. This board catches waves easy and makes surfing fun. Great for beginners learning to surf or for more experience surfers looking for an easy ride.

Surfboard Details:
9'0 x 22 1/2 x 2 7/8
2+1 Longboard Fin Setup
Fins Included

Learn More
Lost 5'6 Rocket V2 Stub Keahana Epoxy Surfboard

Regular Price: $819.95

Special Price: $669.95

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This 5'6 Lost rocket V2 Stub surfboard is just like the V2 but with some new minor details. This surfboard has a fuller outline and volume for extreme groveling is mushy surf.

Lost Rocket V2 Details:

  • 5'6 x 19.5" x 2.25"

  • 27.53 Cubic Litres

  • Future Fins

  • Keahana Epoxy

  • 2-6' Surf

Learn More
FCS Mark Richards M.R TFX Glass Flex Twin Surfboard Fin Set
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Glass Flex

Glass Flex has been formulated to replicate the flex and memory properties of laminated fiberglass. Its advantages over other composite fin materials inlcude stiffness, a more positive flex pattern (nice tip flex, little base flex) and remarkable flex memory. The precision of the injection molding process ensures the highest accuracy in geometry in each fin produced.


MR's twin template, FCS advanced foil plus a dynamic stabilizer for maximum performance in twin, super twin or fish options.


Base: 5.06" 128.0mm
Depth: 5.58" 142.0mm
Area: 21.05" 13580mm
Sweep: 33 degrees


Base: 3.55" 90.0mm
Depth: 3.90" 99.0mm
Area: 9.61" 6200mm
Sweep: 31 degrees

Flex Rating: 2

Size: *

Learn More
O'Neill Tropicamo Mens Hybrid Shorts
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The O'Neill Tropicamo men's hybrid shorts have a tropical all over camo print, and a 20" outseam. They are made from 53% cotton, 44% Nylon & 3% Elastane. Learn More
FCS II Performer PC Carbon Surfboard Fins (XL)
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The FCS II Performer surfboard fin set is a great all around fin for any surfboard and any surfer. This fin has a balance of speed, flow and response for all surf conditions.

FCS II Performer Fin Details:

Conditions: A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks
Boards: Recommended for all board types Learn More
Sex Wax Z-Cote Zink Oxide Sun Protection
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Many surfers use Sex Wax's Z-Cote- transparent Zinc Oxide by Dermatone. This creme provides SPF 30 protection for your lips and face and has added Aloe and Vitamin E to keep your skin healthy!

Learn More
O'Neill Swift Mens Boardshorts Rasta
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These O'Neill Swift men's boardshorts have a nice Rasta vibe to them, they are made from O'Neill's epic stretch material and are 21" long. Learn More
5'10 Lost Rock Up Surfboard
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Designed to be ridden 2-4” longer than you would a Rocket. The low entry rocker, flat deck and tapered rails (with a full forward outline) paddles through crowds and moving water, and catches waves with ease. The pulled in tail, combined with the aggressive tail rocker and a smoother, shallower concave, allows controlled maneuvers at high speeds on chest high to double overhead waves

Board Details:
5'10 x 19 x 2.25
26.91 CL
FCS 2 Thruster Fin Set-up Learn More
Sex Wax Box
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Keep your stuff clean and stash your sex wax in this awesome rubber box! Even comes with a wax comb!

Interior width: 3.25 inches by 1.25 inches deep

Learn More
Vissla Town Ship Mens Boardshorts Phantom
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The Vissla Town Ship men's boardshorts are and 18.5" length 4 way stretch surf trunk with a great southwestern vibe. These Boardshorts are made from 68% Poly, 23% cotton, & 9% Spandex. Learn More
Creatures of Leisure Lite 6ft Surfboard Leash
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This Creatures of Leisure Lite 6ft  surfboard leash is an ultra light weight leash for smaller surf. Available in a variety of colors.

Creatures of Leisure Lite 6ft Surfboard Leash Details:

  • DNA flex mould

  • double bearing swivel

  • Surefire leash release

  • lightweight cuff

  • key pocket

  • 2 year guarantee

  • 6' long x 3/16" thick

Learn More
OAM 6' Surfboard Leash
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This On a Mission surfboard leash comes in some great colors to give your board that extra style. Choose from you favorite pros style or even choose Torey Meister's glow in the dark surfboard leash. Learn More
Hurley Phantom Block Party Tonal Mens Boardshort Navy
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The Hurley Block Party Tonal is a 19" men's boardshort made from Hurley's 60% stretch phantom fabric. This boardshort has no inside leg seam, it water repellent, and has a back flap pocket. Learn More
Rip Curl Tofino Men's Jacket
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The Rip Curl Tofino mens wool jacket is a heavy weight coat made from 70% poly and 30% wool. Learn More
Future Stretch Quad RTM Surfboard Fin Set
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Stretch Quad Surfboard Fins 

Front Fins: Stretch Quad
4.39 in,     11.20 cm

Base:   4.34 in,     11.00 cm
Area:  14.52 sq in, 93.68 sq cm
Rear Fins
: 400 Quad Rear

Height: 4.00 in,    10.20 cm
3.89 in,      9.90 cm
12.41 sq in, 80.06 sq cm

Base Depth: 1/2 & 3/4 in.


The Stretch Quad has Stretch's unique inside foil, which compliments the fins outline very well. Great for mushy to rippable surf.







Lighteight foam hex core glass fin that has the look and feel of a glass-on fin. Engineered with a medium flex pattern.  Great for all conditions.

Learn More
Lost 5'10 C3 RV Surfboard
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The Lost RV surfboard is part of the domesticated series of boards. This board is a great high performance small wave surfboard. The RV will have you dominating on your wave count. This is a great board to have in the collection.

Lost RV Surfboard Details:

5'10 x 2175" x 2.58"
Future Fins
37.55 CL
Fins Included Learn More
GoPro Suction Cup Camera Mount
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Attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more. This industrial-strength Suction Cup mount is proven at speeds of 150+ mph and engineered for stability and a broad range of motion. Adjustable arms allow for ultra-compact mounting. Includes a standard base and a quick release base for moving conveniently between shots and locations. For maximum holding strength, attach to a clean surface. Learn More
Sanuk Streaker Womens Sidewalk Surfers (Orange)
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Expose yourself to a bold new style! This retro inspired slip-on may not make you run faster or jump higher, but you will look amazing attempting both.

  • Womens Sidewalk Surfers

  • Lightweight “Vulc-Lite” Construction with Mesh Sock Liner
    featuring AEGIS Antimicrobial additive

  • Premium Herringbone Rubber Outsole

  • Upper pattern and materials inspired by vintage running sneakers •

  • Combine Suede Accents and Mesh into a Compelling New Style

Learn More
Rip Curl 3/2mm Dawn Patrol Womens Surfing Wetsuit (Blue)
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The Rip Curl women's Dawn Patrol surfing wetsuit offers performance, durability and a great value. Rip Curl has updated this series with E4 Neoprene in critical flex zones. This suit is 100% Superstretch. Learn More
CI Dane Reynolds Surfboard Traction Pad (Assort.)
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Stoke out your new (or refurbished!) surfboard with this Dane 2 Piece flat pad!

Dane Reynolds Pad Details:
Medium Kick
28 mm
Two Piece
Flat Arch
Assorted Colors

* These pads are made from the pieces of leftover pads, so colors may vary! Learn More
FCS Knubster VS Surfboard Fin
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The FCS VS KNUBSTER is essentially a centre fin that can be added to any quad set-up. The fin will increase drive and provide directional control through turns, without sacrificing speed, flow, or the freedom of movement typically associated with a quad.

The “KNUBSTER” is designed with a single tab that allows the fin to be positioned in the forward and rear centre plug to cater for the individual drive requirements of each surfer.

The FCS VS KNUBSTER, which is 3 3/4” by 2” high, was the 5th fin Kelly Slater used in his boards during the Quiksilver Pro in New York. According to Kelly’s report, “The KNUBSTER makes your quad set-up feel faster, smoother, and it adds a little more control. It just tightens everything it up a bit”.

Interestingly Kelly was riding the FCS VS KNUBSTER when he scored his two 10 point rides in 2011. The first at the Quiksilver Pro in NY where he performed one of the best airs ever seen in competition, and the second at The Rip Cur Pro in Portugal in heaving barrels.

Adding the FCS VS KNUBSTER to your quad set-up is an affordable way to add a new dimension

to your surfing. FCS recommends using the fin with the FCS K2.1 Quad.

Learn More
Used 6'5 Dan Boehne Surfboard
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This used 6'5 Dan Boehne Surfboard is a standard short board for a bigger person.

Used Surfboard Details:
6'5 x 19 x 2 3/8
FCS fins (Not included)
Rating (fair) Learn More
Futures HS1 Hayden Thruster V2 HC Surfboard Fins
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The HS1 Honeycomb fin was designed by Australian shaper, Hayden Cox, as a balanced all-around fin. The Honeycomb material combined with the V2 foil gives the fin a softer flex, optimal for generating speed. The HS1’s full body and thick tip to give this fin additional drive
Learn More
Flexcomb Surfboard Wax Scraper
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This surfboard wax comb is flexible which makes scraping the rails of your surfboard super easy. Learn More
Lost V2 Shortboard 5'10 Surfboard
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The Lost V2 Shortboard surfboard is a great performance shortboard with a little more volume. This is great for smaller conditions or for the surfer that wants a full volume everyday shortboard.

Lost V2 Shortboard details:

5'10 x 19.5" x 2.38"
FUT Fins
28.95 CL Learn More
O'Neill Jordy Freak Boardie Men's Boardshorts
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These O'Neill Jordy Freak Boardie Shorts are light weight and great for a day at the beach or the pool. They are pro surfer, Jordy Smith's signature shorts. These shorts are made from 91% Polyester and 9% Elastane Learn More
Future HC Quad Trailer Fins
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These Future HC quad surfboard trailer fins are made from honeycomb and are made to fit in a shallow 1/2" fin box. This includes a set of 2 fins.

Fin Height: 3.75"
Learn More
Firewire Tomo Nano 6'4 Surfboard
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The NANO features a clean, foiled shape, a wide point forward of center, a round nose for smooth turns and a wide chopped tail with soft corners for exceptional speed and glide. The straight rail line through the back end of the board will provide the necessary control through turns. The Nano has a surprising range with good edge control in bigger punchy waves.

Surfboard Details:
6'4 x 21 1/4 x 3
477.7 cL
Future 5 fins
Learn More
Lost Total Control Round Nose Fish Surfboard Traction Pad (Lime)
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This Lost Total Control Round Nose Fish surfboard traction pad is a 3 piece pad with a low center arch. This pad is great for your fish style surfboard. The colorway is Lime Dots Learn More
Nixon Supertide Blue Watch
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The Nixon Supertide surfing watch is a made with super comfy silicone straps so you hardly notice its on. This watch has pre programed tide data and gives sunrise and sunset. This watch will keep you on time to work and help you choose the best time to surf. Learn More
FCS II Mick Fanning Thruster Surfboard Fins (M)
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These FCS II Mick Fanning surfboard fins are a medium template and designed to be used with the FCS II snap in fin system. These fins have a great combination of drive and release. Perfect for surfers in the 150-180lb weight range.

This package includes a thruster set of fins. Learn More
Lost Surf Naked Trucker Hat (Blue)
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This Lost Surf Naked trucker hat is a 1 size fits all hat. Learn More
Billabong Scheme Mens Camo Cargo Shorts
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These Billabong Scheme men's cargo shorts have a 22" outseam and have a longer relaxed fit. They are made from 100% cotton. Learn More

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