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Hurley Dri-Fit Mens Chino Shorts (Army)
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These Hurley men's Dri-Fit Chino walkshorts have a 22" outseam, they are Army Green. Made from 70% Nylon, 24% Poly and 6% Nike Dri-Fit spandex. These are great shorts for cruising the boardwalk or hitting up the golf course. Learn More
Carver 30" Monsta Skateboard
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Carver Skateboards 30" Monsta

This Carver Monsta skateboard was inpired in collaboration with Proctor surfboards. This skateboard will carve on land just like you would on water with your surfboard. Carver skateboards are an amazing workout and are great physical and endurance trainers for surfing.

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Billabong New Order Mens Walkshorts
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The Billabong New Order men's walkshort are a great short for an active day out and about. They have a 21" outseam and are made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex which gives them great active fit. Learn More
Rip Curl Trestles Ocean Search Tide Watch (Midnight/White)
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After nearly 20 years in the tide watch business, Rip Curl brings you the Trestles Oceansearch. Packed with digital function, the Trestles greatest strength is its 200 pre-programmed tide locations from all over the world through the year 2022. The easy-to-operate and at-a-glance tide information is housed in a lightweight and durable ABS case which is individually depth tested to 100m water resistance rating. Purpose built for surfing, the Trestles will perform as well in the ocean as out.

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Rip Curl Mirage Cranking Mens Hybrid Walkshorts Black
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The Rip Curl Mirage Cranking men's hybrid walkshorts are great for both in and out of the water and make for a great active short. These Hybrid Shorts have a 21" length, are a 4 way stretch made from 91% poly, 9 % spandex, they also have mesh lined pockets. These shorts are a Black stripe colorway. Learn More
Creatures of Leisure Comp 6 Surfboard Leash
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This Creatures of Leisure Comp 6 surfboard leash is a great light weight leash for smaller surf. Available in a variety of colors.

Creatures of Leisure Comp 6 Surfboard Leash Details:

  • DNA flex mould

  • double bearing swivel

  • Surefire leash release

  • lightweight cuff

  • key pocket

  • 2 year guarantee

  • 6' long x 1/4" thick

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Billabong Rum Point Mens Boardshort Black
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The Billabong Rum Point is a 20" length solid color with a side pocket super suede men's boardshort. Made from 100% polyester. Learn More
Carver Venice Skateboard
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Born on the streets and banks of Carver's hometown neighborhood of Venice, CA, this stretched out shortboard is the same as the first prototype deck used to develop the original C7 truck. Big hill surfing, street traveling, bowl riding; this board does it all. Artist Series graphic portrait of Venice by Marco Almera.
•8 7/8" wide
•7 1/4" tail
•6 7/8" nose
•18 1/8" wheelbase
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Used 5'11 Surf Prescriptions Surfboard
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This used 5'11 Surf Prescriptions surfboard is in good condition and is a high performance shortboard.

Used Surfboard Details:

5'11 x 19.25" x 1.75"
FCS Fins (included)
Rating (good) Learn More
Vivix Frontside Men's Tee (Indigo)
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This Vivix Frontside men's tailored fit tee is made from 100% cotton. Learn More
Lost 5'11 Rockup Surfboard

Regular Price: $634.95

Special Price: $549.00

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Designed to be ridden 2-4” longer than you would a Rocket. The low entry rocker, flat deck and tapered rails (with a full forward outline) paddles through crowds and moving water, and catches waves with ease. The pulled in tail, combined with the aggressive tail rocker and a smoother, shallower concave, allows controlled maneuvers at high speeds on chest high to double overhead waves

Board Details:
5'11 x 19.13 x 2.32
28.28 CL
Future Thruster Fin Set-up Learn More
Nanotune Surfboard Speed Wipe
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NanoSpeed Wipes

Generating speed is paramount when going for any manoeuvre in the water. What if you could revitalize the bottom of your board to cut through the water at an even faster rate? Nanotune will get you that glide that you desire, just apply to the bottom of your board and feel the difference.
• Cutting edge nanotechnology
• Less drag, more speed and elevated performance
• Super slick hydrophobic ( water repellent) coating
• Longer and smoother glide across the water surface
• Extra barrier of UV protection
• Increased speed
• Great to travel with Learn More
Used 6'5 Dan Boehne Surfboard
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This used 6'5 Dan Boehne Surfboard is a standard short board for a bigger person.

Used Surfboard Details:
6'5 x 19 x 2 3/8
FCS fins (Not included)
Rating (fair) Learn More
5'11 Lost Rock Up Surfboard
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Designed to be ridden 2-4” longer than you would a Rocket. The low entry rocker, flat deck and tapered rails (with a full forward outline) paddles through crowds and moving water, and catches waves with ease. The pulled in tail, combined with the aggressive tail rocker and a smoother, shallower concave, allows controlled maneuvers at high speeds on chest high to double overhead waves

Board Details:
5'11 x 19.13 x 2.32
28.28 CL
Future Thruster Fin Set-up
Learn More
Dakine Kainui Team 6ft Surfboard Leash
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The Dakine Kainui Team 6ft surfboard leash is a great leash with quality swivels that comes in some great color choices. Learn More
FCS M-3 Glass Flex Thruster Surfboard Fin Set
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Glass Flex

Glass Flex has been formulated to replicate the flex and memory properties of laminated fiberglass. Its advantages over other composite fin materials inlcude stiffness, a more positive flex pattern (nice tip flex, little base flex) and remarkable flex memory. The precision of the injection molding process ensures the highest accuracy in geometry in each fin produced.


Fast and smooth, with better hold and more squirt through turns. The M-series has a flexible tip for forgiveness and control at high speed. The new inside Foil Technology offers superior drive and hold. Glass Flex offers the flex pattern modeled off the hand foiled fiberglass fin and the ability to mold high technical computer generated foils accurately.

Base: 4.28" 109.0mm
Depth: 4.41" 112.0mm
Area: 14.22" 9172mm
Sweep: 31 degrees

Flex Rating: 1

Size: S

Learn More
Lost 6'2 Taj Whiplash Surfboard

Regular Price: $618.95

Special Price: $499.95

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Using the classic “Whiplash” model as a starting point, this board has now become the most refined and streamlined design in Lost’s line. Based off of TBs winning board from the 2012 Quiksilver Pro (Snapper Rocks) it is relatively low volume board , with continuous rocker (to fit where ever TB wants to go on the wave) and deep concaves (for lift and the speed to get there ). A relaxed central rocker maintains speed and carry through the flats, while hyper-extended tail kick in the last 16” and a moderately lifted nose keep the board free, loose and responsive. The outline also has an aggressive, continuous curve , cutting out all the unneeded surface area, thus no hip or bump in front of the fins that most of our boards feature. The nose, while not as needle or narrow as in the past, is still pulled enough to not get in the way of TBs fast and critical, tight radius turns. Although not for everyone, this board is relatively easy to ride and is best for younger and fit surfers who are above average, have no problem creating their own speed, and surf regularly in punchy beach or decent quality point breaks and want to surf as critical and radical as possible.

Taj Whiplash Details:
6'2 x 18.88 x 2.93
28.91 CL
FCS Thruster Fin Set-up
Fins Not Included Learn More
Sanuk Chiba Sidewalk Surfers (Brown)
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These Sanuk Chiba sidewalk surfers are just like wearing a sandal with a little extra.

  • Super Soft, High Rebound, Molded EVA Footbed featuring AEGIS Antimicrobial additive

  • Handmade Canvas Upper

  • Synthetic Liner

  • Happy U Outsole

  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Learn More
    Futures F8 HC Surfboard Fin Set
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    The Future F8 HC surfboard fins are a great all around large fin template. These fins are made with futures honeycomb technology and are great for surfers in the 195lb+ range. Learn More
    Watermans Zinc Oxide Surfers Face Stick Sunblock SPF 30+
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    This Watermans Zinc Oxide SPF 30+ sunblock is a non-greasy, lightweight, very water resistant, very sweat resistant, broad-spectrum protectant infused for your face and hands. The Face Stick is a hands-free, one touch, way to protect your face and hands without the mess of traditional tubes and bottles. Titanium dioxide provides proven UVA and UVB protection. Apply wet or dry. Watermans special formula ensures it will be there for you when you need it most. Learn More
    Channel Islands 6' Bunny Chow Surfboard
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    This 6' Channel Islands Bunny Chow surfboard is Jordy Smith's signature surfboard. Jordy uses this board on tour when the waves conditions are smaller with less power. This board has very full rails that make for easier paddling.

    Channel Islands Bunny Chow Surfboard Details:

    6' x 19 1/8" x 2 7/16"
    FCS Fins
    30.8 CL Learn More
    FCS T-1 Black Surfboard Traction Pad
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    The new FCS surfboard traction range has raised the bar on surfboard traction by focusing 100% on functionality & performance driven features.  All pads feature a combination of a thermoformed dimpled surface and a clearly defined groove pattern, allowing your feet to sink into the grip & lock into the traction.  All tractions have a groove at the base of the kick to assist the adhesive bond and prevent the kick from peeling up.  The lightweight packaging also comes complete with a spare FCS key.
    T-1 features:
    • 3piece pad
    • FCS Plug Protection- carbon fiber plug protectors and extended body length helps to eliminate heel & toe depressions, particularly around the plug areas.
    • Gridlock groove pattern- a more spaced tread to allow your feet to sink closer to the board.  Componded with a dimpled surface on the tread to create an extremely textured feel.
    • Multi-directional groove patterns respond to the different forces generated between the surfer and the board.  The center panel faces forward and the side panels direct inwards so the traction pushes back against your feet during normal movements.
    • Spine, ergonomic arch.
    • Luna rounded performance kick


    Learn More
    FCS 5ft Competition Surfboard Leash
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    The FCS Surfboard competition Leash is designed for smaller waves or the surfer that doesn't want to notice the drag of a regular size leash. 


    • Deluxe Padded High Density neoprene ankle starp

    • 360 degree flexible horn to eliminate point pressure on ankle area


    • Specifically engineered high strength urethane cord

    • Double hardened swivels

    • Extra strong rip and grip velcro

    FCS Leash length & thickness

    • 5 feet

    • Cord thickness competition 5.5mm

    • wave size 0-4 feet

    Learn More
    O'Neill Tropicamo Mens Hybrid Shorts
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    The O'Neill Tropicamo men's hybrid shorts have a tropical all over camo print, and a 20" outseam. They are made from 53% cotton, 44% Nylon & 3% Elastane. Learn More
    Mr. Zogs Sex Wax Mens Tee (Black)
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    Rocking this Mr. Zog's t-shirt reminds me of being a kid and rushing to my local surf shop to get my hands on a fresh bar of Sex Wax. I couldn't wait to peel back the wrapper and sniff that fresh coconut smell. Oh yeah those were the good days. Surfing all day and hitting the taco stand for more fuel. This Mr. Zog's Sex Wax T-shirt is made from 100% cotton.
    Learn More
    O'Neill Swift Mens Boardshorts Rasta
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    These O'Neill Swift men's boardshorts have a nice Rasta vibe to them, they are made from O'Neill's epic stretch material and are 21" long. Learn More
    Ding All Surfboard Repair Kit
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    This Ding All surfboard repair kit is great basic repair kit for fixing minor dings.

    Ding All Surfboard Repair Kit Details:

    • 2oz Polyester Resin with catalyst

    • Fiberglass Cloth

    • sanding pad

    • mixing sticks and cup

    • easy instructions

    • not for epoxy surfboards

    Learn More
    Vissla Town Ship Mens Boardshorts Phantom
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    The Vissla Town Ship men's boardshorts are and 18.5" length 4 way stretch surf trunk with a great southwestern vibe. These Boardshorts are made from 68% Poly, 23% cotton, & 9% Spandex. Learn More
    Creatures of Leisure Double Soft Car Surfboard Racks
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    These Creature of Leisure Soft surfboard roof racks are a great affordable way to strap your surfboard to your car with out an existing roof rack.

    Double Soft Roof Rack FEATURES


    • world"s most advanced 'through the door' soft rack system
    • fits most cars
    • available in both single and double models
    • super strong metal buckles
    • military grade webbing straps
    • durable, cushioned pads sit between boards & car roof
    • neoprene sleeves cover buckles to protect board & car
    • in sturdy, re-usable carry bag

    Learn More
    Hurley Phantom Block Party Tonal Mens Boardshort Navy
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    The Hurley Block Party Tonal is a 19" men's boardshort made from Hurley's 60% stretch phantom fabric. This boardshort has no inside leg seam, it water repellent, and has a back flap pocket. Learn More
    Freestyle Shark Clip Watch (Taupe/Neon)
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    Retro-futurism at its finest! Introducing the Shark Clip, featuring the original clip band system that ignited the Freestyle brand. Much like a seatbelt, just clip in, clip out, to keep your watch safe, snug and comfortable.

    • 100 METERS H20


    • 2 ALARMS

    • 50 LAP MEMORY






    Learn More
    Lost 6'2 Sub Buggy Surfboard
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    This Lost 6' Sub Buggy is a fuller volume shortboard for smaller surf. This board has the outline of the Sub Driver with the bottom of the Beach Buggy.

    Lost Sub Buggy Details:

    6'2 x 19.38" x 2.38"
    FCS II Fins
    30.51 CL
    Fins Included Learn More
    Billabong Iconic Mens Boardshorts
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    These Billabong Iconic men's boardshorts have a great 80's retro style. Made from polyester Learn More
    Lost Sub Scorcher 2 Mason Ho Replica 5'8 Surfboard
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    The Lost Sub Scorcher 2 surfboard is a great shortboard surfboard for smaller average surf. This board is a little fuller volume with lower rocker, it will travel through the flat sections with ease.

    Lost Sub Scorcher Surfboard Details:

    5'8 x 19.25" x 2.52"
    FCS2 Fins
    27.13 CL Learn More
    FCS II Reactor PC Surfboard Fins (M)
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    The FCS II Reactor fin set is designed for tight turns and snaps. The Reactor fin set is a fast reacting fin that works great in fast hollow surf. This fin is for the surfer that wants quick acceleration and tail release.

    Reactor Fin Details:

    Conditions: Hollow steep waves, punchy beach breaks.
    Boards: Performance shortboards with moderate to low rocker. Learn More
    Lost V2 Shortboard 5'10 Surfboard
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    The Lost V2 Shortboard surfboard is a great performance shortboard with a little more volume. This is great for smaller conditions or for the surfer that wants a full volume everyday shortboard.

    Lost V2 Shortboard details:

    5'10 x 19" x 2.25"
    FCS II Fins
    26.46 CL
    Learn More
    FCS 2 Carver Performance Core Surfboard FIn (M)
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    The Carver Thruster Fin Set up by FCS is an elongated fin for performing long arcing turns. It has a high degree of sweep angle that provides exceptional control off the bottom and when carving on the open face. The carver was designed for power surfers who like to push hard against their fins and draw out their turns.

    Fin Details:
    FCS 2 System
    Carver Fins
    Performance Core Construction
    Size Medium Learn More
    Rip Curl Womens Flash Bomb 3MM Surfing Bootie
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    These Rip Curl Flash bomb 3mm surfing booties are designed to dry fast, which means no more soggy booties in the morning. These surfing booties will protect your feet from rocks and keep your toes nice and toasty.

    Rip Curl Flash Bomb Bootie Details:
    3mm Neoprene
    Hidden internal split toe
    super soft sole
    pull on heel strap
    stitch less compression strap
    E3+ Taping
    Velcro Shaft Closure Learn More
    Sun Cure Small 1oz Epoxy Surfboard Repair
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    Repair your Epoxy board in minutes. No mixing just smooth over the ding then set in the sun for an instant fix. Learn More
    Rider Shack Light Weight Hoodie Sweatshirt (Navy Heather)
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    This Rider Shack Surf Shop light weight hoodie sweatshirt is made from a cotton poly blend and has great soft feel like your favorite vintage sweatshirt. Learn More
    Headhunter Rash Guard Formula
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    Headhunter Rash Guard Gel was formulated for surfing. Designed to help prevent and treat skin irritation due to wetsuit rash, pit & neck rash, trunk rash, and skin on skin irritation. The Rash Guard formula is a waterless gel with a natural anti-irritant barrier guard system in a hypoallergenic base. Contains aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, zinc oxide and vitamins A & E.

    Learn More
    Hurley Dri-Fit Puerto Rico Chino Men's Shorts (Grey)
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    These Hurley Dri-Fit Peurto Rico Chino shorts are super light weight and made from Nike's Dri-Fit material. These shorts are great for a day at the beach. Made from 100% Polyester Learn More
    O'Neill Heat Split Toe 3mm Surfing Bootie
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    These O'neill Heat 3mm surfing booties will keep you surfing longer on those cold winter mornings and protect your feet from rocky reef. Learn More
    FCS II AM AL Merrick Medium Thruster Surfboard Fins
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    The FCS II AM Al Merrick medium thruster surfboard fins are a great all around fin template, they are designed to work with the FCS II snap in fin system. These fins have a honeycomb core and will provide great speed and flex through turns.

    This pack includes 3 fins for a thruster setup. Learn More
    Billabong Scheme Mens Camo Cargo Shorts
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    These Billabong Scheme men's cargo shorts have a 22" outseam and have a longer relaxed fit. They are made from 100% cotton. Learn More
    FCS MF-1 Mick Fanning Surfboard Fin Set
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    Mick Fanning is considered one of the true icons in surfing. His career to date is highlighted by multiple event wins and a staggering two ASP World Titles in 2007 and 2009. Often regarded as the fastest surfer on the planet, this competitive machine is highly respected for his professionalism both in and out of the water. Mick’s surfing embodies speed, control, power, contemporary flare, and style; these are the essential ingredients that have him firmly cemented at the forefront of professional surfing.

    This FCS MF-1 surfboard fin set has been designed with and for Mick Fanning. This fin set is a larger template which will be great for a larger surfer or for bigger waves.

    FCS MF-1 Mick Fanning Fin Set Details:

    • Drive- Mid-High

    • Pivot- Long turning arcs

    • Hold- Mid/More Holding Power

    • Template Size- Large

    Fins Specs:

    • Base: 4.52" 115mm

    • Depth: 4.67" 119mm

    • Area: 15.71" 10137mm

    • Sweep: 33 degrees

    • Foil: Flat

    Learn More
    Lost Crossbreed Seaworthy Mens Hybrid Shorts
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    The Lost Crossbreed Seaworthy men's hybrid shorts are a great amphibious walk short. These shorts have mesh lined pockets, an internal drawstring and have a 21" outseam. Learn More
    Nixon Private SS Watch (Gunmetal)
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    The Nixon Private SS watch is made from stainless steel and a great classic time piece.

    Nixon Private SS watch details:

    • Movement: 3 hand Japanese quartz.

    • Case: Custom 100 meter stainless steel with hardened mineral crystal, raised bezel, and triple gasket enamel fill crown. 42mm diameter.

    • Band: Custom stainless steel with double locking clasp. 24mm wide.

    Learn More
    Rip Curl Mirage Aggrotrippin Mens Boardshorts Orange
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    These Rip Curl Mirage Aggrotrippin men's board shorts are a performance 4 way stretch boardshort with a 21" outseam. These Boardshorts have a Orange Stripe colorway. Learn More
    Break Away Longboard Fin Screw
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    This longboard fin screw is made from brass and has a plastic base that is designed to break with serious impact. As a result your fin can come free preventing the breaking of your longboard box. Learn More

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