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Carver Board Bike Rack Mini
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The Carver Mini side mount surfboard bike rack is a great easy to install surf rack. It will hold surfboards up to 8' on your bike.

  • Mounts to Bike Frame Seat Post

  • Tig Welded 6061 Alloy

  • No Rust

  • Fits Larger Boards

  • Great For most bikes

  • Solid Black

All aluminum constructions are the Carver Surf Racks product. Born on the North Shore of Hawaii, Carver Surf Racks has evolved into the industry standard for bicycle, residential surfboard transportation and rack systems. Our new "Kompact System" is a feature not to be overlooked. It conveniently stows your surf rack out of the way when not in use....
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FCS 2 Al Merrick AM Performance Core Thruster Fin Set
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The FCS 2 AM surfboard fin set is based off Al Merrick's original signature template. This fin set has a smaller center fin and offers quick release through turns. These fins are designed to work with the new FCS 2 screwless fin boxes

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Session Saver Surfboard Ding Repair Putty
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This repair putty works on both epoxy and polyester surfboards. No need for sun just knead the putty together and and you can be back in the water in minutes.

Check out this awesome Session Saver review on Surfline. Learn More
Futures HS1 Hayden Thruster V2 HC Surfboard Fins
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The HS1 Honeycomb fin was designed by Australian shaper, Hayden Cox, as a balanced all-around fin. The Honeycomb material combined with the V2 foil gives the fin a softer flex, optimal for generating speed. The HS1’s full body and thick tip to give this fin additional drive
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Sex Wax Box
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Keep your stuff clean and stash your sex wax in this awesome rubber box! Even comes with a wax comb!

Interior width: 3.25 inches by 1.25 inches deep

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Lost 6'10 Beach Buggy Surfboard
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The Lost Beach Buggy surfboard is a great everyday performance shortboard. It is a slightly fuller volume board so it will paddle and catch waves easy.

Lost Beach Buggy Details:

6'10 x 20.5" x 2.75"
Future Fins
41.43 CL Learn More
FCS ARC Al Merrick Performance Core Thruster Fin Set
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The FCS ARC surfboard fin set is based off Al Merrick's original signature template. This fin set has a smaller center fin and offers quick release through turns. This is a large thruster fin set. Learn More
Hurley Phantom Blockade Mens Boardshorts (Black)
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These Hurley Phantom Blockade mens's boardshorts are made with Hurley's 30% stretch Phantom fabric, they have a 21" outseam for a just below the knee fit. Learn More
FCS 8ft Premium Surfboard Leash
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This FCS Surfboard leash is perfect for surfboards 8'6 and shorter it is great for day to day performance and strength. This leash is perfect for surfing waves 1-2 feet over head and smaller.


  • Deluxe Padded High Density neoprene ankle starp

  • 360 degree flexible horn to eliminate point pressure on ankle area


  • Specifically engineered high strength urethane cord

  • Double hardened swivels

  • Extra strong rip and grip velcro

FCS Leash Length & Thickness

  • 8 feet

  • Cord thickness regular 7mm

  • Wave Size 2-8 feet

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Billabong Crossfire Chuck PX Mens Hybrid Shorts
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The Billabong Crossfire Chuck PX men's hybrid shorts are a great short for both land and water. They are made with a quick dry material 92% Poly and 8% spandex, and have a 21" outseam. Learn More
Wetsuit Bootie Hanger
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This wetsuit bootie hanger is great for drying out your surf booties after surfing. This hanger will help cut down on the odor and will allow your booties to get dry. This unit can free stand or be hung like a hanger. Learn More
Mission 6'0 Back 2 Back Surfboard
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This Mission Surfboard would make a great high performance surfboard. This surfboard has extra foam for easy paddling and wave catching. This board is made out of a stringerless epoxy blank with carbon fiber cloth on top of the deck and along the center of the bottom of the board.

Surfboard Details:

6'0 x 19.55 x 2.7
Future Fins
33.6 cL
Fins Not Included Learn More
4oz Fiberglass Cloth for Surfboard Repair
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Included in this pack is 1 yard of 4oz fiberglass for doing surfboard repairs. Learn More
Vissla Quad Mens Boardshort Phantom
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The Vissla Quad is a 20" 4 way stretch men's boardshort with side pockets. This boardshort is made form 68% Poly, 23% Cotton, & 9% spandex. Learn More
Roark Fear The Sea Men's Tee (Black)
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This Roark Fear The Sea men's slim fit tee is made form 100% cotton. Learn More
Channel Islands Two Tab Tech 3 Surfboard Fins
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Material: Proprietary Bi-axial Carbon/ Technora core provides engineered flex and reduces resin content and weight.

Performance: The uni-directional carbon allows for twists while maintaining stiffness. This combination of material and engineering provides the maximum pop and projection. Al's design creates drive from the rake and base, while allowing pivot with the narrow tips and smaller center fin.

Size: Large

Color: Green Learn More
Freestyle Shark Classic Tide Watch (Grey)
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The mothership has landed. Our most popluar style, The Shark Classic, is now available with Tide Data and sunrise / sunset times for 150 beaches world wide. The Shark Classic Tide also features a durable and fade resistant silicone band which also offers increased flexibility for an improved fit. Like all Shark Watches, the Shark Classic Tide is water resistant to 100 meters and backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

  • 38mm polycarbonate case

  • Durable silicone strap

  • 10 years of tide data plus sunrise and sunset times for 150 beaches worldwide.

  • Display (date, time, & height) of present/future tide data.

  • Programmable beach capability with 3-hour off set capability

  • Optional big time display

  • Time/day/date Dual time

  • Chronograph

  • Countdown timer - Pre-set heat timer: 15, 20, 25, 30,35 min.

  • Night vision backlight Display

  • 100 meter H20 resistant Polycarbonate lens hydro pushers

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Nurf 6'0 Shortboard Surfboard
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These Nurf surfboard are great for beginners and weekend warriors alike. They have firm bottoms with a soft deck. They will watch waves easily and will surf more like a fiberglass surfboard.

Surfboard Details:

Fins Included Learn More
Future Jordy Smith Thruster Surfboard Fins (Small)
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These Future fins are Jordy Smith's template and are designed for a smaller surfer.

Jordy Smith Fin Details:

Size: S 105-155lbs
Material: Honeycomb
Base: 4.45"
Area: 13.98" Learn More
Lost V2 Shortboard 5'10 Surfboard
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The Lost V2 Shortboard surfboard is a great performance shortboard with a little more volume. This is great for smaller conditions or for the surfer that wants a full volume everyday shortboard.

Lost V2 Shortboard details:

5'10 x 19.5" x 2.38"
FUT Fins
28.95 CL Learn More
Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 3/2 Mens Wetsuit (Black)
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The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol surfing wetsuit offers performance, durability and a great value. The Dawn Patrol has been updated with E4 Neoprene in critical flex zones. This suit is 100% Superstretch. Learn More
FCS T-5 Cyan Surfboard Traction Pad
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The FCS T-5 Traction Pad is a lightweight pad with multi-directional traction for a variety of foot angles.

3 Piece Pad
Zoned Traction
Cyan Learn More
DaKine Evan Geiselman Surfboard Traction Pad (Blue)
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Fashion up your surfboard with this Evan Geiselman Traction Pad by DaKine!

DaKine Pad Details:
DAKINE Posi Traction stays sticky and grippy in icy water and won't rub your knees raw in warm tropical water. The specially formulated EVA foam retains its specific density and 100% memory in any water temperature. Dakine use only the best 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to insure that your pad will never peel off until you take it off. Learn More
FCS M-5 Glass flex Thruster Surfboard Fin Set
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Glass Flex

Glass Flex has been formulated to replicate the flex and memory properties of laminated fiberglass. Its advantages over other composite fin materials inlcude stiffness, a more positive flex pattern (nice tip flex, little base flex) and remarkable flex memory. The precision of the injection molding process ensures the highest accuracy in geometry in each fin produced.


Fast and smooth, with better hold and more squirt through turns. The M-series has a flexible tip for forgiveness and control at high speed. The new inside Foil Technology offers superior drive and hold. Glass Flex offers the flex pattern modeled off the hand foiled fiberglass fin and the ability to mold high technical computer generated foils accurately.

Base: 4.37" 111.0mm
Depth: 4.55" 115.0mm
Area: 14.76" 9525mm
Sweep: 33 degrees

Flex Rating: 1

Size: M

Learn More
Used 6'0 Lost Scorcher Surfboard
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This used scorcher by lost is in good condition and would make an awesome affordable performance shortboard.

Used Scorcher Details:
6'0 x 18.75 x 2.20
Future Thruster Fin Set-up
Future Fins Not Included
Rating (good) Learn More
Board Hookers Surfboard Wall Mount
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Metal surfboard racks which are ideal for home or shop to hold and display your board when not in the water. Board Hookers can be mounted either vertical or horizantal.

Note: Longboard model is contructed of thicker steel and has longer arms.

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Lost 6'2 Beach Buggy Surfboard

Regular Price: $655.00

Special Price: $549.00

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Designed specifically with input and feedback from world tour veteran and high performance surfing icon, Taj Burrow. This collaboration/collection stems from the work done to satisfy TBs needs for his trademark brand of razor sharp and explosive, cutting edge competitive and free surfing. With two World Tour wins (Snapper Rocks and Steamer Lane) in Lost and Taj's first full season (2012) of working together, the results more than speak for themselves.

Lost Beach Buggy Details:
6'2 x 19.50 x 2.50
31.37 CL
FCS Thruster Fin Set-up Learn More
FCS Wetsuit Change Robe
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If you are tired of doing the towel wrap and struggling with getting your wetsuit or swimsuit on and off at the beach you will love this beach change robe from FCS. This robe is made from 100% terry cloth just like your beach towel. This robe is great for changing and keeping the goods hidden it also is great for the car ride home from the beach.

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Channel Islands 5'10 Bunny Chow Surfboard
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This 6' Channel Islands Bunny Chow surfboard is Jordy Smith's signature surfboard. Jordy uses this board on tour when the waves conditions are smaller with less power. This board has very full rails that make for easier paddling.

Channel Islands Bunny Chow Surfboard Details:

5'10 x 18 7/8 x 2 5/16
Future Fins
28.0 cL
Fins Not Included Learn More
FCS T-1 Black Surfboard Traction Pad
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The new FCS surfboard traction range has raised the bar on surfboard traction by focusing 100% on functionality & performance driven features.  All pads feature a combination of a thermoformed dimpled surface and a clearly defined groove pattern, allowing your feet to sink into the grip & lock into the traction.  All tractions have a groove at the base of the kick to assist the adhesive bond and prevent the kick from peeling up.  The lightweight packaging also comes complete with a spare FCS key.
T-1 features:
  • 3piece pad
  • FCS Plug Protection- carbon fiber plug protectors and extended body length helps to eliminate heel & toe depressions, particularly around the plug areas.
  • Gridlock groove pattern- a more spaced tread to allow your feet to sink closer to the board.  Componded with a dimpled surface on the tread to create an extremely textured feel.
  • Multi-directional groove patterns respond to the different forces generated between the surfer and the board.  The center panel faces forward and the side panels direct inwards so the traction pushes back against your feet during normal movements.
  • Spine, ergonomic arch.
  • Luna rounded performance kick


Learn More
O'Neill Brookside Printed Mens Walkshorts (Navy)
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The O'Neill Brookside Printed men's Navy walkshorts have a subtle all over palm tree print. They have a 21" outseam are made from 99% cotton & 1% Stretch. These shorts feel great and flex with your body, they are great for an active day. Learn More
Sanuk Chiba Sidewalk Surfers (Tan)
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These Sanuk Chiba sidewalk surfers are just like wearing a sandal with a little extra.

  • Super Soft, High Rebound, Molded EVA Footbed featuring AEGIS Antimicrobial additive

  • Handmade Canvas Upper

  • Synthetic Liner

  • Happy U Outsole

  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Learn More
    O'Neill Superfreak Printed Mens Grey Boardshorts
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    The O'Neill Superfreak men's boardshorts are a great surfing boardshort. These Boardshorts have a 22" outseam and technobutter neoprene inside leg seams to prevent surfers rash. Learn More
    Macks Dry N Clear Surfers Ear drops
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    Mack's Dry-n-Clear ear drops help relieve the discomfort
    of water-clogged ears from swimming, bathing, showering, scuba diving, surfing, etc. by drying excess water.

    Formulated with a unique moisturizing agent  that helps dry excess water while conditioning the delicate lining of the ear canal.


    Learn More
    Billabong Spinner Mens Boardshorts Mint
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    The Billabong Spinner men's boardshort is a cotton polyester stretchhorizantal striped surf trunk. These boardshorts have a soft feel, are 19" long and have side pockets. Made from 51% cotton, 43% poly, & 6% spandex. Learn More
    Nixon Lodown Tide Watch (Blue)
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    The Nixon Lowdown tide watch is a great affordable watch with pre-programmed tide data. This watch will have you catching the surf just right and will keep your boss happy now that you show up on time.

    Nixon Lodown Tide Watch Details:

    • Movement: Custom digital with pre-programmed tide information for over 200 beaches until 2020, Future tide, dual time, alarm, countdown timer, wave counter, chrono and light.

    • Case: Custom 100 meter fiber reinforced polycarbonate with raised bezel, direct tide pusher and treated acrylic crystal.

    • Band: Custom injected polyurethane with patented locking looper and stainless steel buckle.

    Learn More
    Hurley One and Only Mens Boardshort Black
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    The Hurley One & Only men's boardshort is a 22" outseam, solid colored boardshort with a side pocket. Made from 100% polyester. Learn More
    Ocean & Earth Aircon Shortboard Surf Bag
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    The Ocean & Earth Aircon shortboard surf bag is a great ventilated lightweight travel bag. This bag is great for both day use and travel. This bag will help protect your surfboard from sun damage and accidental bumps and dings. Learn More
    Lost 6'2 Sub Buggy Surfboard
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    This Lost 6' Sub Buggy is a fuller volume shortboard for smaller surf. This board has the outline of the Sub Driver with the bottom of the Beach Buggy.

    Lost Sub Buggy Details:

    6'2 x 19.38" x 2.38"
    Futures Fin
    30.51 CL
    Fin Included Learn More
    O'Neill Thermo S/S Crew Rashguard(Black)
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    This O'Neill Thermo S/S Crew is ideal for adding some warmth to your wetsuit for those cold winter days.

    O'Neill's Thermo S/S Crew features:
    - UPF 50+: maximum protection.
    - 8oz polypropelene
    - Maximum Core insulation
    - Water Repellent, Odor resistant
    - 4-way stretch fabric
    - Boardshort Connector
    - Rash Protection
    - Flatloc Stitched
    Learn More
    Used 7' Bradbury Gun Surfboard
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    This used 7' Bradbury gun surfboard is in good condition and would make a great big wave surfboard.

    Used Surfboard Details:

    7' x 18.5" x 2.5"
    Glass-on Fins
    Rating (good) Learn More
    Maurice Cole 5'10 Metro 3 Surfboard

    Regular Price: $710.00

    Special Price: $510.00

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    The Maurice Cole Metro Surfboard combines width and thickness from the old retro fish, but introduces a tow inspired bottom rocker and a very deep concave. More width in the tail creates a larger sweet spot and an accentuated change in curve at the 1 mark loosens the board up. This board replaces all Fish type boards.This design has a foot in both camps. Stability and float while still maintaining the edgy characteristics of speed and rippability. Evidence that you can occasionally teach an old dog new tricks.The Metro is easy to turn and will suit surfers that like a retro feel, but want performance from a board. Unlike an old school fish the Metro 3 will sit high on steep fast sections and won’t morph into a shopping trolley style slide when you want to lay a full tilt cutback or carve deep lines into the wave face. Ask and you shall receive. This is no bog monster.

    Maurice Cole Metro Surfboard Details:
    5'140 x 19" x 2.25"
    27.18 Cubic Litres
    FCS Fins
    1-5FT surf

    This board has been sun faded and is priced to sell Learn More
    Used 6'6 CI Flyer XTR Surfboard
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    This used 6'6 Channel Islands Flyer XTR is a great bigger guys shortboard with a bit more buoyancy due to the epoxy.

    Used Surfboard Details:
    6'6 x 20 x 2.75
    FCS fins (Included)
    Rating (Good) Learn More
    FCS 2 Accelerator Carbon Surfboard Fins
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    The Accelerator Thruster from FCS 2 is designed as an oversized, all-around fin for a diverse range of surfers. It is a functional template with a flat foil on the side fins delivering fast, controlled directional changes. This fin was designed for surfers who like to attack the wave and surf with energy and power on critical parts of the wave.

    Fin Details:
    FCS 2 System
    Accelerator Fins
    Carbon Construction
    Size Medium Learn More
    Hurley Rise Solid Men's L/S Shirt (Concrete)
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    The Hurley Rise Solid men's L/S shirt is a great way to dress up the occasion in comfort and style. This shirt is made from 60% cotton and 40% poly and has a great light weight feel. Learn More
    Sun Cure Small 1oz Surfboard Repair Tube
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    Instant repair for surfboards and all fiberglass or composites.
    Sun Cure® is fiberfilled for strength and workability. Requires
    no mixing, and can be used at all temperatures. Once cured it can
    be easily sanded or painted.

    4oz Kit includes:
    3 grades of sandpaper
    Mylar coversheet

    Learn More
    Lost 6'0 Beach Buggy Surfboard

    Regular Price: $675.00

    Special Price: $549.00

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    Designed specifically with input and feedback from world tour veteran and high performance surfing icon, Taj Burrow. This collaboration/collection stems from the work done to satisfy TBs needs for his trademark brand of razor sharp and explosive, cutting edge competitive and free surfing. With two World Tour wins (Snapper Rocks and Steamer Lane) in Lost and Taj's first full season (2012) of working together, the results more than speak for themselves.

    Lost Beach Buggy Details:
    6'0 x 19.25 x 2.38
    28.72 CL
    FCS 2 Thruster Fin Set-up Learn More
    DAKINE Standard Surfboard Rack Pads
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    Head to the beach with ease and keep your surfboard safe using these DAKINE surfboard rack pads. The Dakine Standard rack pads are a great choice Yakima, Thule, and round type racks. Please choose DAKINE AERO rack pads for wider factory style car racks. This package includes a set of 2 18" Rack Pads.


    • Durable 600D polyester material
    • Hook and loop closure
    Learn More
    Lost 5'11 Grovler Shortboard Surfboard

    Regular Price: $649.95

    Special Price: $549.00

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    This is a great everyman's daily average wave shortboard. It works good in small and medium size days. This is a very unique surfboard and looks like tons of fun.

    Lost Surfboard Details:
    5'11 x 18.88 x 2.38
    28 CL
    FCS Thruster Set-up
    Fins Included Learn More
    OAM 6' Competition Surfboard Leash
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    The OAM Comp 6ft surfboard leash is great for everyday average surf. This leash is light weight and will reduce drag while surfing.

    Learn More

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