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Carver Surfboard Bike Rack Max
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Hold surfboards up to 10' 

  • Mounts to Bike Frames
  • Tig Welded 6061 Alloy
  • No Rust
  • Fits Larger Boards
  • Great For Cruisers and Non-Suspension Bikes
All aluminum constructions are the Carver Surf Racks product. Born on the North Shore of Hawaii, Carver Surf Racks has evolved into the industry standard for bicycle, residential surfboard transportation and rack systems. Our new "Kompact System" is a feature not to be overlooked. It conveniently stows your surf rack out of the way when not in use....
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NSP 7'6 Element Funboard Surfboard
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Like the name suggests, NSP Elements Funboards are designed to make surfing easy and provide endless hours of fun and enjoyment in the ocean. These boards are modeled off traditional longboards and feature a full nose, rounded pintail, and a generous well-balanced outline that's both stable and responsive in a variety of surf conditions.

Surfboard Details:

7'6 x 21.75 x 2.75
51. cL Volume
FCS Fins (included) Learn More
S1 Lifer Skateboard Helmet (Matte Black)
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The S-One Lifer Helmet is one of the best fitting and safest helmets for Skateboarding, Longboarding, BMX and Roller Derby. The Lifer Helmet is a Dual Certified Helmet which means it is ASTM Certified to protect your head from multiple low impacts and it is CPSC Certified to protect your head from the single high impacts. The Lifer Helmet is a Certified "multi-impact" helmet and is up to 5x more protective than the soft foam non-certified helmets. Learn More
Carver Stack Skateboard
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A classic rounded squash tail with a full nose, the Stack is so named because of the stack of peeling waves in Alex Krastev’s painted graphic. Stack! The mid-sized length falls nicely between Carver's shorter progressive models while inching up on some of their mid-sized models, making for a well rounded, universal cruiser. The extra width in the nose allows you to stand farther forward while keeping plenty of foot support, letting you take a wider stance and move around more. And the fuller template throughout feels comfortable, sort of like a mini longboard, but it never feels big. It easily retains a nimble handling, and with its 17 3/8” wheelbase has the stability to carve down steeper inclines and hold the faster line without twitching, as well as pump fast lines on the flats. The Stack is the shortboard cruiser, the good commuter and pusher that can still dart up a driveway for a deep roundhouse while carving down a hill. This board will work equally well with either the C7 or CX truck sets; the C7 set will give the board a more flowing performance with a great range of adjustability, the CX set will give the board a more snappy performance with a lighter frame.

Carver Skateboard Details:
9 3/4" wide
6 3/8" tail
3 3/8" nose
17 3/8" wheelbase
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Ocean and Earth Aircon Longboard Surf Bag
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The Ocean and Earth Aircon longboard surf bag is a great ventilated lightweight travel bag. This bag is great for both day use and travel. This bag will help protect your surfboard from sun damage and accidental bumps and dings. Learn More
Ocean & Earth Compact Day Longboard Surf Bag
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The Ocean & Earth compact day longboard surf bag is a great bag for daily protection of your longboard surfboard. This bag is easy to load and unload and will protect your surfboard from sun damage as well as damage caused by accidental bumps and drops. Learn More
Break Away Longboard Fin Screw
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This longboard fin screw is made from brass and has a plastic base that is designed to break with serious impact. As a result your fin can come free preventing the breaking of your longboard box. Learn More
Wonderbolt Longboard Fin Screw
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The Wonderbolt surfboard fin screw is made from stainless steel and will allow you to adjust your longboard fin without the need of a screwdriver. The wonderbolt makes for quick fin adjustment. Learn More
FCS 9ft Premium Longboard Surfboard Leash (Ankle Cuff)
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This FCS longboard surfboard leash is perfect for surfboards 9'6 and shorter it is great for day to day performance and strength. This leash is perfect for surfing waves 1-2 feet over head and smaller.


  • Deluxe Padded High Density neoprene ankle starp

  • 360 degree flexible horn to eliminate point pressure on ankle area


  • Specifically engineered high strength urethane cord

  • Double hardened swivels

  • Extra strong rip and grip velcro

FCS Leash Length & Thickness

  • 9 feet

  • Ankle Cuff

  • Cord thickness regular 7mm

  • Wave Size 2-8 feet

  • Stainless Steel Swivels

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T-Rax Surfboard Hanger Wall Rack
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T-RAX Surfboard racks are virtually bulletproof! Solid Aluminum construction, will not rust, rot, splinter or corrode! T-RAX work for surfboards inlcuding heavy longboards as well as snowboards. All mounting hardware is included. All support rods are covered with high quality foam padding.

Note: T-Rax come in sizes ranging from a two-six board mount.

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Board Hookers Surfboard Wall Mount
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Metal surfboard racks which are ideal for home or shop to hold and display your board when not in the water. Board Hookers can be mounted either vertical or horizantal.

Note: Longboard model is contructed of thicker steel and has longer arms.

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FCS Ultimate Surfboard Fin Tool
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Tired of those fin keys? This FCS fin tool is a must for the dedicated surfer. This FCS fin tool makes changing your fins a breeze and even will help you remove stripped out screws. This fin tool works with all fin systems and has bits to remove FCS, Futures, Lok Box, Longboard fins and more.


  • 1 x Phillips Screw Head
  • 1 x Flathead Screw Head
  • 1 x Easy Out Bit (for stripped screw removal)
  • 4 x FCS/Future fin key
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Used 9'2 NSP Longboard Surfboard
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This used Longboard is in good condition. It has one crack on the rail that needs to be fixed before it can be considered water tight. This would be a great summer board.

Used Surfboard Details:

9'2 x 22 7/8 x 3 3/16
FCS Fins
Rating (good)
Fins Not Included Learn More

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