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Lost 6'6 V2 Domesticated Shortboard Surfboard
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The Lost V2 Domesticated Shortboard surfboard is a great performance shortboard with a little more volume. This is great for smaller conditions or for the surfer that wants a full volume everyday shortboard.

Lost V2 Shortboard details:

6'6 x 21.25" x 2.84"
FCS2 Fins
42.11 CL
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Lost 6'6 V3 Round It Surfboard
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This board is Easy to paddle and surf in small or crowded conditions. The V3 Round it is a higher performance board, similar to the V3 Rocket except it has a round tail.

Lost V3 Round it Surfboard Details:
6'6 x 21 x 2.75
FUT2/5 Fin Setup
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Lost 6'6'' Short Round Surfboard
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Lost's latest high performance hybrid. In the tradition of the Rocket and its many knock offs, the Shortround bridges the gap between easy riding “cheater” boards and the HP Shortboard. Tested all around Southern California in the summer of 2014, this board has more than impressed. The buzz about it is spreading fast.

Surfboard details:

Lost 6'6'' Short round
6'6'' x 21 3/16'' x 2.89''
40.02 Liters
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Boardworks 6'6'' Mini Mod Surfboard
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Designed and tested in Southern California, the Boardworks Mini Mod consists of user friendly shapes with high level performance characteristics that help you maximize your wave count, improve your surfing, and get the most out of every session.

Surfboard Details:

6'6'' Boardworks Mini Mod
6'6'' x 21 3/4'' x 2 7/8''
45 Liters
FCS II Fins (included)
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Used 6'6'' Channel Islands Semi Pro Surfboard
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This Used 6'6'' Channel Islands Semi Pro surfboard would be an excellent step up board for those bigger days. This board would also work well for the larger surfer or someone trying to step down from a longer board.

Used Surfboard Details:

6'6'' x 20'' x 2 3/4''
FCS Fins (not included)
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