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Lost 6'2 Taj Whiplash Surfboard

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Using the classic “Whiplash” model as a starting point, this board has now become the most refined and streamlined design in Lost’s line. Based off of TBs winning board from the 2012 Quiksilver Pro (Snapper Rocks) it is relatively low volume board , with continuous rocker (to fit where ever TB wants to go on the wave) and deep concaves (for lift and the speed to get there ). A relaxed central rocker maintains speed and carry through the flats, while hyper-extended tail kick in the last 16” and a moderately lifted nose keep the board free, loose and responsive. The outline also has an aggressive, continuous curve , cutting out all the unneeded surface area, thus no hip or bump in front of the fins that most of our boards feature. The nose, while not as needle or narrow as in the past, is still pulled enough to not get in the way of TBs fast and critical, tight radius turns. Although not for everyone, this board is relatively easy to ride and is best for younger and fit surfers who are above average, have no problem creating their own speed, and surf regularly in punchy beach or decent quality point breaks and want to surf as critical and radical as possible.

Taj Whiplash Details:
6'2 x 18.88 x 2.93
28.91 CL
FCS Thruster Fin Set-up
Fins Not Included Learn More
Lost 6'2 Beach Buggy Surfboard
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Designed specifically with input and feedback from world tour veteran and high performance surfing icon, Taj Burrow. This collaboration/collection stems from the work done to satisfy TBs needs for his trademark brand of razor sharp and explosive, cutting edge competitive and free surfing. With two World Tour wins (Snapper Rocks and Steamer Lane) in Lost and Taj's first full season (2012) of working together, the results more than speak for themselves.

Lost Beach Buggy Details:
6'2 x 19.50 x 2.50
31.37 CL
FCS Thruster Fin Set-up Learn More
Channel Islands 6'2 Fred Stubble Surfboard
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A Fred Rubble condensed in a shorter and wider package. Made for surfing in sub-chest high conditions, the Stubble boasts a wider nose and tail, reduced nose and tail rocker, single entry concave with magnified double barrel concave through the fins and vee upon exit. The design change produced a board that stays on rail even in flat spots, glides over reo sections, draws tight arcs in the smallest pockets, and paddles like a board 3” longer.

Surfboard Details:
6'2 x 20 1/8 x 2 3/4
Channel Islands 2 Tab 5 Fin Set-up
Fins Not Included Learn More
Lost 6'2 Kolohe Andino Driver Surfboard
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This Driver Surfboard was shaped for Kolohe Andino as a step up board. This surfboard would make a great board for bigger surf.

Surfboard Details:

6'2 x 18.63 x 2.25
27.20 cL
FCS 5 Fin Set-up
Like new condition
fins not included
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Used 6'2 Firewire Quadraflex Surfboard
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This used 6'2 Firewire surfboard is in good condition. The board is water tight but has had a repair on top of the deck by the nose. This would make a great shortboard.

Used Surfboard Details:

6'2 x 19 1/2" x 2 3/8"
FCS Quad Fin (not included)
Rating (Good) Learn More

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